2023 Bahrain Grand Prix Winner Revealed

Max Verstappen dominated the 2023 Bahrain Grand Prix, starting his championship hunt strongly with a win, while his teammate Sergio Perez secured second place, and Fernando Alonso finished third, amidst a race that hinted at Red Bull’s potential season dominance and featured various team and driver challenges.


‣ Max Verstappen secured his first victory of the 2023 season at the Bahrain Grand Prix, starting his quest for a third consecutive World Championship strongly.

‣ Verstappen’s teammate, Sergio Perez, finished in second place despite a poor start, while Fernando Alonso showcased the competitiveness of Aston Martin by finishing third.

‣ The Bahrain Grand Prix has historically been an indicator of season performance, with the last seven winners finishing second in the World Championship, a streak Verstappen is likely to break in 2023.

‣ Mechanical issues and strategic decisions played significant roles in the race outcomes, with Charles Leclerc retiring due to a power loss and strategic pit stops influencing the race dynamics.

Oh boy, Max Verstappen really did a number in Bahrain, didn’t he? Just last year, he snagged his first win there. And what a teaser that was for the rest of the 2023 Formula 1 season. We even threw out a wild guess – could he sweep all 23 Grands Prix? Well, he almost did, bagging 19 out of 22. That’s something, right? If you missed it, you gotta check out GPblog’s coverage of the 2023 Bahrain Grand Prix.

### Verstappen: The 2023 Bahrain Grand Prix Whiz, and Alonso’s Stellar P3

So, Verstappen kicked off his quest for a third straight World Championship with a bang. The guy was simply untouchable in Bahrain. It got everyone wondering, “Can he actually win all 23 races this season?” Meanwhile, his teammate, Sergio Perez, didn’t have the smoothest start but still managed a comfy P2. And Fernando Alonso? He nabbed the third spot, rounding out the top three.

Interestingly, the last seven Bahrain GP winners ended up second in the World Championship. But 2023 looks set to break that pattern. Red Bull had more reasons to smile as their main rival in qualifying had to bow out on lap 41. Charles Leclerc? Powerless and point-less, just like Verstappen the year before.

### F1’s Changing Tides

Remember when we were all hyped for those Hamilton-Verstappen showdowns as the new era of F1 dawned in 2022? Seems like we’ll have to wait a bit longer for those. But hey, Hamilton’s reigniting his old rivalry with Alonso. Mercedes and Aston Martin are neck and neck, and Alonso outdid Hamilton in their first 2023 face-off by landing on the podium.

Alonso then set his sights on Carlos Sainz. Thanks to Aston Martin’s prowess in slow-speed corners, Alonso made his move. Despite a lap one collision with his teammate, who finished P6, it’s clear: Aston Martin is not messing around. Both Mercedes drivers ended up somewhere in the top ten mix, along with Valtteri Bottas, Pierre Gasly, and Alex Albon.

McLaren? Oof, they had a day to forget. Oscar Piastri‘s debut race ended prematurely, and Lando Norris was plagued with issues requiring multiple pit stops.

### Verstappen’s Pole Position Dance

Pre-season testing and Friday practice hinted at Alonso being Verstappen’s main challenger for pole. Ferrari showed promise but couldn’t clinch the front row, which Verstappen and Perez locked down. Ferrari settled for the second row, with Alonso in P5. Mercedes snagged the next two grid spots. Everyone kicked off on softs, except for Kevin Magnussen on the hards.

Perez’s start? Not great, giving Ferrari a glimmer of hope. But he held his ground. Meanwhile, Alonso and Lance Stroll had a bit of a tiff at turn four, but Alonso escaped unscathed. By lap four, Verstappen was already three seconds ahead of Leclerc.

Around lap nine, Russell was curious about Hamilton’s pace, pondering a switcheroo. Meanwhile, Verstappen was dealing with some minor rear locking issues. Hamilton’s switch to hard tyres didn’t shake up the order much, as Alonso’s tussle with Russell showed Aston Martin’s potential to challenge.

### Pit Stop Drama

Ferrari played it bold on lap 14, double-stacking Leclerc and Sainz. Verstappen responded a lap later, maintaining his lead. Alonso also dived into the pits, while Perez and Stroll opted for a longer first stint. Poor Piastri’s debut ended on lap 16 due to a suspected electrical fault, marking a disappointing start to his F1 journey.

Perez, on the softer tyres and with DRS, swiftly overtook Leclerc, who then switched back to hard tyres, seemingly settling for third. That was until lap 41, when Leclerc’s race came to an abrupt halt out on the track.

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