2023 Formula 2 Race Winner Makes Remarkable Announcement

Ralph Boschung, after not securing a seat in Formula 2 for the upcoming season and initially announcing his retirement, humorously declared a return to the series in 2029, indicating a “short break” from the sport.


‣ Formula 2 serves as a crucial stepping stone for drivers aspiring to reach Formula 1, with alternatives like IndyCar, Formula E, and the World Endurance Championship available for those who don’t make it to F1.

‣ It is common for drivers to spend one to three seasons in Formula 2, but Ralph Boschung competed in the series for seven seasons, achieving his first victory and a podium finish in Bahrain, hinting at potential for a title.

‣ Ralph Boschung announced his departure from Formula 2 after the last seat for the upcoming season was filled, expressing gratitude and emphasizing the importance of pursuing dreams regardless of others’ opinions.

‣ Shortly after announcing his retirement, Boschung humorously declared his intention to return to Formula 2 in 2029, indicating a “short break” from the sport.

Formula 2? It’s like the prep school for Formula 1’s big leagues. Nearly every racer you see zipping around in F1 today cut their teeth in this high-octane series. But hey, not everyone makes it to the top. And that’s okay. There’s always a spot in IndyCar, Formula E, or the World Endurance Championship. A silver lining, if you will.

Most drivers hang around F2 for a season or three. But Boschung? He’s been at it since 2017. Seven seasons in total. It wasn’t until last season that he snagged his first win in Bahrain. And with another podium finish there, he suddenly looked like he might just clinch the title.

### Farewell to Formula 2
Then Tuesday rolled around, and the last F2 seat got snagged. Boschung, now 26, found himself on the outside looking in. He took to social media to bid adieu to F2. His message? A heartfelt thanks and a fierce reminder to chase your dreams, no matter the noise.

Check out his tweet here: [pic.twitter.com/qm11ZHWiBd](https://t.co/qm11ZHWiBd) — Ralph Boschung (@BoschungRalph) [February 6, 2024](https://twitter.com/BoschungRalph/status/1754935629568164134?ref_src=twsrc%5Etfw)

But wait, there’s more. Shortly after, Boschung dropped a bombshell on Instagram and X: “Yes, I am retiring.” Just like that, F2’s stepping stone became his final stop. No more Boschung on any grid in 2024.

And then, just when we thought we’d heard it all, Boschung threw us for another loop. “I hereby announce my return to F2 in 2029! Just taking a short break.” Talk about a plot twist.

He’s planning a comeback in 2029! Can you believe it? Check out his tweet: [Announcing I will be back in F2 in 2029! Just taking a small break.](https://twitter.com/BoschungRalph/status/1754894470217187743?ref_src=twsrc%5Etfw) — Ralph Boschung (@BoschungRalph) [February 6, 2024](https://twitter.com/BoschungRalph/status/1754894470217187743?ref_src=twsrc%5Etfw)

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