2023 US Grand Prix: Driver of the Day Results

Max Verstappen has been voted GPblog driver of the day with 57% of the vote, despite Lando Norris winning the official F1 driver of the day.


‣ Max Verstappen wins the United States Grand Prix from sixth on the grid
‣ Verstappen receives 57% of the vote for GPblog driver of the day
‣ Lando Norris wins official F1 driver of the day but doesn’t make top three on GPblog’s poll
Yuki Tsunoda impresses with 12% of the GPblog voters

Max Verstappen, the Red Bull Racing driver, has secured victory in the United States Grand Prix in a thrilling race that showcased his skill and determination. Despite facing challenges from his rivals, Verstappen maintained his composure and emerged triumphant, securing his 15th win of the season and equaling his own record.

The GPblog community was quick to recognize Verstappen’s incredible performance, with 57% of voters choosing him as the driver of the day. This resounding victory in the poll reflects the fans’ appreciation for Verstappen’s ability to navigate the race and come out on top.

Lewis Hamilton, the seven-time World Champion, earned second place in the poll with 16% of the vote. While his disqualification affected his final position, fans acknowledged his efforts throughout the race.

Surprisingly, Yuki Tsunoda emerged as the third-place winner in the poll, impressing 12% of GPblog voters. Despite benefiting from the disqualifications of other drivers, Tsunoda showcased his driving skills and made a lasting impression on the audience.

The GPblog poll also revealed that Lando Norris, who won the official F1 driver of the day award, only received 5% of the votes on their platform. This discrepancy showcases the diversity of opinions among the F1 fanbase, with GPblog voters having their own distinct preferences.

With Verstappen’s overwhelming victory in the GPblog poll, it is evident that his remarkable performance in the United States Grand Prix has left a lasting impact on the fans. As the season progresses, it will be exciting to see if Verstappen can continue his winning streak and maintain his position as a fan favorite.

Albert Ramirez
Albert Ramirez
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