2023’s Biggest Surprise According to Palmer: Fairytale Return

Formula 1 analyst Jolyon Palmer has named Aston Martin, led by Fernando Alonso and Lance Stroll, as the biggest surprise of the 2023 season, praising their early successes and suggesting a potential win for Alonso in 2024 if the team can maintain their momentum.


‣ The biggest surprise of the 2023 Formula 1 season was constructor Aston Martin, according to analyst Jolyon Palmer.
‣ Fernando Alonso’s consistent podium finishes, especially in the first weeks of the season, were a significant achievement for Aston Martin.
‣ Despite the team’s performance tailing off later in the year, Palmer believes a victory for Alonso could be possible in 2024.
‣ Luxembourg team boss Mike Krack believes there is enough quality in the Formula 1 team for the 2024 season.

Jolyon Palmer, a seasoned Formula 1 analyst, had a shocker this 2023 season. The surprise? Constructor Aston Martin. In the season’s early weeks, Fernando Alonso’s podium finishes were almost routine. But then, the green car struggled to keep pace with teams like Ferrari, Mercedes, and McLaren. Yet, Palmer still pegs the Alonso-Stroll team as 2023’s big surprise.

“Talk about a feel-good story,” Palmer gushed. “Who predicted Alonso’s return to the front with such consistency? It’s been a decade!” Aston Martin’s achievement was nothing short of brilliant. They rolled out a beast of a car in Bahrain, and they had just the driver to squeeze out its best. “Alonso’s driving style was a perfect match for the traction-strong car. Even at 42, he’s still got it,” Palmer told Formula1.com.

Palmer’s Prediction: Alonso’s Victory is Nigh

“The only thing missing from this fairytale comeback was that elusive 33rd victory. So close, yet so far. The team’s late-season slump is a bit worrying. But if they can pull off another strong winter, Alonso might just clinch a win in 2024.”

Luxembourg team boss Mike Krack is optimistic about the Formula 1 team’s prospects for the ’24 season. He recently highlighted the strengths of Alonso and teammate Stroll. “There’s plenty of quality in this team,” he said.

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