2024 Bahrain Grand Prix: Sky Sports F1 Schedule

Sky Sports F1 will cover the entire 2024 Bahrain Grand Prix weekend and the Formula 1 season in the UK, including F2 and F3 sessions, with a team led by Ted Kravitz and available through various UK TV packages, while GPblog provides a liveblog and international viewers can watch on F1TV Pro or ViaPlay depending on their location.


– ‣ Sky Sports F1 will broadcast the entire 2024 Bahrain Grand Prix weekend, covering all sessions and providing comprehensive coverage of the 2024 Formula 1 season in the United Kingdom.
– ‣ The broadcast schedule for the 2024 Bahrain Grand Prix on Sky Sports F1 begins on Saturday at 13:30pm and concludes with “Ted’s Notebook” at 6pm, summarizing the event.
– ‣ Sky Sports F1 will also cover every session from Formula 2 and Formula 3 during the Bahrain Grand Prix weekend, including practice and qualifying.
– ‣ The Sky Sports F1 team in Bahrain will include Ted Kravitz, David Croft, Martin Brundle, Simon Lazenby, Damon Hill, and Naomi Schiff, providing expert commentary and analysis.

Sky Sports F1 is gearing up to bring you all the thrills of the 2024 Bahrain Grand Prix weekend. They’re not missing a beat, covering the entire 2024 Formula 1 season for fans in the UK. You won’t miss a thing. And guess what? GPblog’s jumping on the bandwagon too, with a liveblog packed with updates all day, every day. Wanna peek at the Sky Sports F1 schedule? Keep reading.

So, what’s the deal with the Sky Sports F1 broadcast schedule? They’re making a grand return on Saturday for the 2024 Bahrain Grand Prix. Get this: coverage kicks off at 13:30pm and doesn’t stop until 6pm. But wait, there’s more. Ted’s Notebook will wrap up the day, starting at 6pm for a solid 30 minutes. Craving the full Grand Prix schedule? Just click here.

Now, you might be wondering, will Sky Sports F1 showcase F2 and F3 this weekend? Oh, you bet. They’re covering every single session from Formula 2 and Formula 3 in Bahrain. That includes both practice and qualifying sessions.

Who’s making the Sky Sports F1 team in Bahrain? Ted Kravitz is on the ground, and he’s not alone. David Croft will be there too. Despite missing three Grands Prix this season, Bahrain’s not on that list, thanks to a cheeky Instagram post during testing. Expect Croft and Martin Brundle to team up in the commentary box for both qualifying and the Grand Prix. And who’s presenting? Simon Lazenby, alongside Damon Hill and Naomi Schiff.

Wondering how you can catch Sky Sports F1? It’s available right here in the United Kingdom. Sky offers a package, or you could go for Virgin Media TV’s option. BT TV subscribers can add Sky Sports F1 too. Prefer streaming? NOW TV’s got you covered with a monthly package.

But what if you’re in the UK and don’t have Sky Sports F1? Tough luck, as you can’t watch the Bahrain Grand Prix weekend without it. However, international fans, you’re in luck. F1TV Pro will broadcast the Bahrain Grand Prix in most countries. And for fans in Germany, Italy, and others, Sky’s got the rights. ViaPlay’s also broadcasting F1 in several locations worldwide, including The Netherlands. So, there you have it. Get ready for an exhilarating weekend of racing!

Albert Ramirez
Albert Ramirez
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