2024 Ban on Aerodynamic Tests for 2026 Car

Formula 1 teams are officially barred from testing their 2026 concepts in the wind tunnel until 1 January 2025, a decision that could particularly impact Red Bull Racing, which currently leads the competition; however, work on the 2026 engine is permitted, and the Alternative Tyre Allocation has been scrapped for 2024.


‣ Until 1 January 2025, Formula 1 teams are not allowed to test their concepts for 2026 in the wind tunnel. They can only start CFD analyses from 2025 onwards.
‣ This could be a setback for Red Bull Racing, which currently has a huge lead over the competition and is the favourite for the world title in 2024.
‣ The FIA has put a hold on early work on the car for 2026 to prevent testing aimed at developing for the 2026 season.
‣ Work on the engine that will be used from 2026 is allowed and preparations are already underway.

Well, it’s official now, even though it was pretty much expected. Formula 1 teams won’t be able to test their 2026 concepts in the wind tunnel until 1 January 2025. That’s when the new regulations kick in.

The racing teams, they can only start their CFD analyses from 2025 onwards.

This could be a bit of a blow for Red Bull Racing. Max Verstappen‘s team, they’re currently way ahead of the competition. The Austrian racing team, they’re the favourites for the world title in 2024 too.

If it wasn’t for this FIA intervention, Red Bull could have started working on the 2026 car early in 2024. That’s if they were to be as dominant again as they are this year. But now, that’s being put on hold.

The FIA made a statement. They said, “In order to prevent testing which aims to develop for the 2026 season, from 1/12/2023 until 1/1/2025 inclusive, RWTT [restricted wind tunnel testing] may only be carried out using a scale model that substantially complies with the 2023, 2024 or 2025 F1 technical regulations.”

But, here’s the thing. Work on the engine for 2026 is allowed. Engine manufacturers, they’re already busy making preparations. Some of the first power units, they’re already partially on the test bench.

At the same time, the FIA announced something else. The so-called Alternative Tyre Allocation, it’s been scrapped. This year, there were a few qualifying tests where drivers were allowed to use fewer tyres during a race weekend. They were obliged to drive on a certain compound in each qualifying section. But that’s not going to be the case in 2024.

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