2024 Formula 2 Season Full Grid Overview

The 2024 Formula 2 season grid is complete, featuring notable teams and drivers including the duel between Oliver Bearman and Andrea Kimi Antonelli at Prema, with the top four from last season moving on and the 2023 Formula 3 champion Gabriel Bortoleto joining Invicta Racing.


‣ The grid for the 2024 Formula 2 season is now complete, with Taylord Barnard being the latest addition.

‣ The top four drivers from the last F2 season have moved on from the class below Formula 1, with ART Grand Prix retaining Victor Martins and signing Zak O’Sullivan.

‣ Prema Racing’s lineup for 2024 includes Oliver Bearman and Andrea Kimi Antonelli, both considered major talents from Ferrari and Mercedes respectively, and favorites for the championship title.

‣ Gabriel Bortoleto, the 2023 Formula 3 champion, will be competing for Invicta Racing in the 2024 F2 season.

So, the 2024 Formula 2 season’s lineup is all set. And guess what? Taylor Barnard just snagged the last spot. Wanna peek at the full F2 grid for 2024? It’s right here.

Now, let’s dive a bit deeper, shall we? The crème de la crème of last season’s F2 have zoomed up, leaving the spotlight for new champs. ART Grand Prix, the top dogs of the constructors’ championship, have kept their ace from last year. That’s right, Victor Martins is staying put, with Williams’ prodigy Zak O’Sullivan by his side. But oh, the buzz is all about Prema’s duo for 2024. Oliver Bearman and Andrea Kimi Antonelli, representing the Ferrari and Mercedes junior teams, are the ones to watch. With their eyes set on F1, the title race is theirs to lose.

And hey, did you hear about Gabriel Bortoleto? The 2023 Formula 3 champ is hitting the F2 tracks with Invicta Racing. Talk about moving up in the world!

### Complete grid for 2024 F2 season

– **ART Grand Prix**: Victor Martins & Zak O’Sullivan
– **Prema Racing**: Oliver Bearman & Andrea Kimi Antonelli
– **Rodin Motorsport**: Zane Maloney & Ritomo Miyata
– **DAMS**: Jak Crawford & Juan Manuel Correa
– **Invicta Racing**: Kush Maini & Gabriel Bortoleto
– **MP Motorsport**: Dennis Hauger & Franco Colapinto
– **Van Amersfoort Racing**: Enzo Fittipaldi & Rafael Villagomez
– **Hitech**: Amaury Cordeel & Paul Aron
– **Campos Racing**: Isack Hadjar & Pepe Marti
– **Trident**: Richard Verschoor & Roman Stanek
– **PHM AIX Racing**: Joshua Dürksen & Taylor Barnard

There you have it. The stage is set for an electrifying season. With fresh faces and seasoned talents, 2024 is shaping up to be unforgettable. Can’t wait to see who takes the crown!

Albert Ramirez
Albert Ramirez
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