Abiteboul Commends Red Bull, Says Drivers No Longer Compete with Verstappen

Former Renault team boss, Cyril Abiteboul, praises Red Bull Racing’s dominance in Formula 1, attributing it to their organization and funding, but also criticizes other teams for not being competitive enough, and expects more opposition to Red Bull’s dominance in the 2024 season.


‣ Cyril Abiteboul, former Renault team boss, has praised Red Bull Racing’s dominance in Formula 1 but also attributed it to other teams not delivering.
‣ Abiteboul pointed out that the competitive landscape of F1 has changed, with the introduction of the budget cap creating a more level playing field.
‣ He criticized the other nine teams for only winning one Grand Prix in total this season, arguing they should have been more competitive given the regulations were largely unchanged.
‣ Abiteboul expects more competition for Red Bull Racing in 2024, with teams like Mercedes, Ferrari and McLaren likely to challenge the team more than they did this year.

Cyril Abiteboul, the ex-boss of Renault’s team, has been singing Red Bull Racing’s praises. He’s in awe of their dominance, but he’s not without his reservations. He thinks it’s not just about Red Bull’s prowess, but also about the other teams not stepping up their game.

“Ferrari’s reign was during a less competitive era in F1,” Abiteboul pointed out. This is a different time. The playing field is more level now, thanks in part to the budget cap. “Ferrari used to rule with a budget and structure that others couldn’t match. Red Bull is a top-notch team, well-structured and well-funded. But they’re not alone. They’re dominating because the other teams aren’t weak.”

Competition ‘fails’
It’s a bit of a shocker that the other nine teams have only managed one Grand Prix win this season (Ferrari in Singapore). Abiteboul puts the blame squarely on them. The 46-year-old Frenchman thinks they should’ve given Red Bull a run for their money, especially with the regulations being almost the same as in 2022. “If the rules had changed, maybe there’d be a team that came up with a clever strategy. But the 2023 regulations were known to all. The other teams should’ve been more competitive,” he told franceinfo.

Max Verstappen has been turning heads in his RB19. Even starting from the back of the pack – like P15 in Saudi Arabia and P9 in Miami – the three-time world champ has been stellar. But Abiteboul has a word of caution. “The ease with which he overtakes is partly because the other drivers aren’t challenging him. They know they can’t compete with him. Instead of burning their tyres trying to block him, they let him through.”

More opposition expected
Abiteboul doesn’t see Red Bull Racing pulling off as many wins in 2024. The rules will be the same, so he expects teams like Mercedes, Ferrari and McLaren to give the RB20 a tougher fight than this year. “If this situation drags on, it could cause problems. But I’d be surprised if next season is as dominated as this one was.”

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