Abu Dhabi Grand Prix Weekend Weather Forecast

The Abu Dhabi Grand Prix will take place after sunset with temperatures predicted to be around 26c, offering a warmer night race than Las Vegas, with little chance of rain and consistent weather conditions throughout the weekend.


‣ The Abu Dhabi Grand Prix will take place around sunset, potentially leading to cooler temperatures.
‣ The race will be another night race for the teams, but in warmer conditions than previous races in Las Vegas.
‣ The race is predicted to have a temperature of around 26c and the conditions will remain consistent throughout the race.
‣ There is very little chance of rain during the race weekend.

The Abu Dhabi Grand Prix weekend is upon us, and it feels like a return to normalcy. However, the floodlights will be back in action for Formula 1. The race is scheduled around sunset, which might bring cooler temperatures. But don’t expect it to be as chilly as Las Vegas.

Weather forecast Abu Dhabi Grand Prix

Las Vegas was cold, with events stretching past midnight on Friday and Saturday and nearing midnight on Sunday. Abu Dhabi is a different story. It’s much warmer during the night there.

The race is set to happen post-sunset. So, the teams are gearing up for another night race, albeit under different conditions. The race kicks off at 17:00 local time. According to weather.com, it could be as warm as 26c.

The temperatures during the two-hour race at the Yas Marina Circuit are not expected to fluctuate much, based on these predictions. Over the entire weekend, there’s hardly any chance of rain. The temperatures, wind speed, and direction are expected to remain consistent throughout F1’s stay.

So, it’s business as usual, with a twist of the night.

Albert Ramirez
Albert Ramirez
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