Accuser Confirms Appeal & Complaint to FIA Against Horner

On the eve of the Australian Grand Prix, a woman has lodged a formal complaint with the FIA’s ethics committee and appealed Red Bull’s decision to clear team boss Christian Horner of misconduct, marking a new chapter in the controversy surrounding him.


– ‣ The woman accusing Christian Horner of inappropriate behavior has lodged a complaint with the FIA’s ethics committee and appealed Red Bull’s decision to clear Horner of misconduct.
– ‣ Red Bull Racing’s PR team has been actively communicating that the investigation into Horner was completed and he was cleared, a message Horner himself has echoed.
– ‣ The accuser has now hired a PR firm to represent her and bring her side of the story to the public.
– ‣ The FIA has not confirmed the receipt of the complaint as of last week, but the announcement from the woman’s PR team has made it clear that the complaint has indeed been filed.

So, here’s the scoop. Christian Horner, the big boss at Red Bull Racing, was probably hoping for a chill lead-up to the Australian Grand Prix. But, nope. Drama’s knocking on his door again, right before the race in Melbourne kicks off. There’s this woman, right? She’s gone public, saying Horner’s behavior was out of line. And yep, she’s not just whispering it in the corridors. She’s shouted it out to the FIA’s ethics committee through her media squad. Plus, she’s not taking “no” for an answer from Red Bull, challenging their decision to let Horner off the hook.

Red Bull Racing’s PR folks? They’ve been on a marathon, let me tell you. Over and over, they’ve been hitting up the press, saying, “Case closed, Horner’s clear.” And Horner? He’s been echoing that, all while talking about how this whole mess is weighing down on his family.

**Woman steps forward through PR firm**

Cut to the woman at the center of it all. She’s been kinda in the shadows, without a big PR machine to amplify her voice. But, oh, how the tables have turned. She’s now got a PR firm in her corner, as per AP.

Her new spokesperson, chatting with the US news agency, spilled the beans. The rumors? All true. She’s not just sitting back; she’s appealed against Red Bull GmbH’s verdict on Horner. And that’s not all – she’s taken her grievances to the FIA’s ethics committee, just last week.

As for the FIA, they were playing coy last week, not dropping any hints if the complaint was on their radar. But now? The woman’s PR team’s announcement has cleared the air. The big question of “when will the appeal and complaint get a hearing?” remains a mystery, though.

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