Aitken Discusses His Single F1 Grand Prix Experience: Taking Me to My Grave

Jack Aitken reflects on his single Formula 1 race experience in 2020, where he replaced George Russell at Williams for the Sakhir Grand Prix, expressing both frustration at his performance and appreciation for the opportunity.


‣ Jack Aitken replaced George Russell at Williams for one race in the 2020 Formula 1 season, when Russell replaced the coronavirus-stricken Lewis Hamilton.
‣ Aitken’s only Formula 1 race was the Sakhir Grand Prix, where he unfortunately crashed.
‣ Despite the crash, Aitken values the experience of being one of the few drivers in the world to participate in a Formula 1 race.
‣ Aitken expressed frustration over not getting a second chance to race in Abu Dhabi and over his accident, but in hindsight, he feels he did as good a job as he could have done.

Jack Aitken’s stint in Formula 1 was brief. Just one race. But, boy, did it leave a mark. It was 2020, and Aitken was stepping in for George Russell at Williams. Russell, in turn, was filling in for Lewis Hamilton, who was out with the coronavirus.

The Sakhir Grand Prix? Not Aitken’s finest hour. The British-Korean driver crashed.

But, here’s the thing. That Grand Prix? It meant more to Aitken than just the outcome. He’d completed an FP1 session before the Styrian Grand Prix. And his F1 journey? It ended when the 2020 season wrapped up, and he stepped out of the Williams.

Aitken’s single F1 race? It’s a memory he cherishes. “Being one of the 20 or 22 drivers in the world that get to do that, even if it’s just once… I can take that to my grave,” Aitken shared with The Race.

Sure, there was disappointment. Aitken felt it. “I was massively frustrated,” he admitted. He’d hoped for a second Grand Prix in Abu Dhabi. But Lewis recovered in time. Aitken’s accident in his one race? It stung.

But with time, Aitken’s perspective shifted. “Actually, all the other stuff that I did, whether it was in practice, in qualy, the rest of the race, I did as good a job as I could’ve done,” he reflected.

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