Albers Critiques Horner’s Qualities, Credits Marko for Success

The woman accusing Christian Horner of inappropriate behavior is expected to publicly share her story, intensifying the controversy within Red Bull Racing and Formula 1, as divisions within the team become apparent and former driver Christijan Albers criticizes Horner’s leadership and suggests his departure could resolve the turmoil.


‣ The woman who accused Christian Horner of inappropriate behaviour is expected to share her story with the media, escalating the controversy within Red Bull Racing and Formula 1.

‣ Christijan Albers criticizes Christian Horner for his handling of the situation and suggests that Horner’s actions have contributed to the division within Red Bull Racing, with two camps forming: one supporting Horner and the other aligning with Red Bull in Austria, including Helmut Marko and Max Verstappen.

‣ Albers advocates for Christian Horner’s departure from Red Bull Racing, describing his tenure as detrimental and highlighting Dr. Helmut Marko’s superior talent management and contribution to the team’s success.

Rumors are swirling. The woman pointing fingers at Christian Horner for inappropriate behavior is reportedly stepping into the spotlight this week. Her move could turn the page on a saga that’s had Red Bull Racing and the entire Formula 1 world on edge.

Christijan Albers gets it. The former F1 driver and team boss sees why she’d hit up the media. “It’s like, everything’s just brushed off,” he vented on a De Telegraaf podcast. “And that? That just ticks people off more. Bet we’ll hear more soon.”

Albers isn’t mincing words, especially about Horner. He’s pretty much laying the blame at Horner’s feet. And oh, the drama within Red Bull Racing. It’s like a reality show. You’ve got Team Horner, backed by Red Bull’s Thai bigwig. Then there’s the Austrian squad, with Helmut Marko and Max Verstappen leading the charge. Albers reckons peace won’t be on the menu until either Horner or Marko (dragging Verstappen along) hits the road.

### Albers wants to see Horner leave

Albers thinks Horner should just call it quits. He’s appalled at how Horner clings to power. “It’s like he’s obsessed, chopping heads to stay on top,” Albers shakes his head in disbelief.

And when you really break it down, Albers points out, Horner’s track record doesn’t hold up. “Let’s be real: Who’s picked the winning drivers? Marko, hands down. No contest.” Albers lays out the facts, crediting Dr. Marko with all the right moves.

So, there you have it. A tale of accusations, internal rifts, and a call for change at the heart of Red Bull Racing. The plot thickens in the high-speed world of Formula 1.

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Albert Ramirez
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