Albers Observes Ferrari Narrowing Gap with Red Bull & Verstappen, Hopes for 2024

Despite a strong comeback, Ferrari finished third in the constructors’ championship behind Mercedes and Red Bull, but their improvements and a win in Singapore by Carlos Sainz give them confidence for the 2024 Formula One season.


‣ Ferrari made a significant comeback in the constructors’ championship but remained in third place behind Mercedes.
‣ The SF-23 car improved over the season, leading to a win in Singapore by Carlos Sainz.
‣ Red Bull’s car was superior in medium and fast corners and on straights, providing a strong base for the 2024 season.
‣ Ferrari showed strong mechanical grip, traction, and braking, and improved tyre longevity towards the end of the season, which could boost their performance in 2024.

Ferrari’s comeback in the constructors’ championship was impressive, no doubt. But they still ended up in third place. Mercedes took the second spot. The SF-23? It kept showing improvement, even clinching a win in Singapore. Carlos Sainz was just too quick for the competition, securing the victory. Christijan Albers, the analyst, believes this could boost their confidence for ’24.

“Red Bull’s got a solid foundation,” Albers told De Telegraaf. “Their car was a beast in the medium and fast corners, not to mention the straights. It was clearly the best race car, even if it wasn’t the top qualifying car. But hey, Verstappen still managed to get it on pole plenty of times.”

Albers noticed Ferrari’s progress throughout the season. “They made a huge leap towards the end of the season, especially in top speed,” he said. “Their mechanical grip, traction, and braking? Top-notch. That’s why Verstappen wasn’t shocked when Sainz won in Singapore,” added the ex-Formula One driver.

So, what’s in store for Ferrari in ’24? The 2024 Formula One season kicks off on the weekend of 2 March, in Bahrain. Albers noted, “Towards the end of the season, Ferrari seemed to be doing better in the races. They were managing their tyres better too. This should give them a confidence boost for the new year.” Will Ferrari give Red Bull Racing a run for their money? Cast your vote in the poll below and share your thoughts in the comments!

Albert Ramirez
Albert Ramirez
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