Allison Claims All Teams are Jealous of Our Driver Pair

The 2023 Formula 1 season saw Mercedes struggle initially, but gradually improve, ultimately securing second place in the constructors’ championship, with team member James Allison expressing satisfaction with the result, despite a few mistakes, and highlighting the strength of their driver lineup, including Lewis Hamilton and George Russell.


‣ The 2023 Formula 1 season started poorly for Mercedes, but gradually improved for drivers George Russell and Lewis Hamilton.
‣ After a comeback, Mercedes fought with Ferrari for P2 in the constructors’ championship, with Red Bull Racing becoming champions in Japan.
‣ James Allison, a member of Mercedes, expressed satisfaction with the team’s P2 position, describing it as the “absolute upper bound” of what they could achieve that season.
‣ Allison praised the team’s strong engineers and driver lineup, including the highly successful Lewis Hamilton and promising younger driver George Russell, and expressed hope for better results in the future.

The 2023 Formula 1 season kicked off on a sour note for Mercedes. It was a rocky start, to say the least. But things started to look up for George Russell and Lewis Hamilton as the W14 gradually improved. James Allison, a key figure in Mercedes, takes us down memory lane, reflecting on the rollercoaster year for Toto Wolff’s team.

After a comeback that had everyone on the edge of their seats, Mercedes found themselves in a fierce battle with Ferrari. They were vying for the P2 spot in the constructors’ championship. Red Bull Racing, however, was already a distant speck on the horizon. The Austrian team clinched the championship in Japan, right in front of their Honda family.

Fast forward to the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix, Mercedes pulled a rabbit out of the hat. They managed to rack up enough points to keep Ferrari at bay in the Championship.

Allison, reflecting on the season, seemed content with the P2 finish for Mercedes. “P2 was the absolute upper bound of what the team could achieve,” he began. “We did a good job to get there. It feels surprisingly good, even though it’s a bit at odds with our ambition to be the undisputed best team,” the Brit elaborated.

He went on to praise the team, “We’re packed with top-notch engineers. Our operation would be the envy of many, despite a few blunders we made along the way. And our driver lineup? It’s one that would make any team green with envy.”

He continued, “We’ve got in one of our drivers, arguably the most successful person who’s ever sat behind the wheel of a racing car. And in the other one, a very, very promising younger man in George Russell. We’re a very fortunate team. We need to make that good fortune count next year and hopefully take it one better than P2,” Allison concluded, looking forward to the next season.

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