Allison Notes Mercedes Improvements: Less Disappointment Than Last Year

Mercedes may not have the fastest car in F1 currently, but their drivers are happier with it compared to last year, and after productive test days in Bahrain, there’s optimism for improvement, despite Lewis Hamilton‘s upcoming departure to Ferrari in 2025, according to technical director James Allison.


‣ Mercedes technical director James Allison reports that their drivers are happier with the car compared to last year, despite not having the fastest car on the F1 grid.

‣ The team had a productive three days of testing in Bahrain, working through a full test program and setup changes in preparation for the upcoming season.

‣ Lewis Hamilton and George Russell, representing Mercedes, found the test days more valuable than the previous year, with the car showing decent long run pace but still needing improvement on single laps.

‣ Allison acknowledges that while the Mercedes W15 is not the leading car, it is a significant improvement over last year’s model, describing it as an “honest, well-behaved thing.”

Mercedes isn’t topping the speed charts right now. But, according to James Allison, their technical guru, the drivers are smiling more than they were last spring. Seems like a win, right? Bahrain’s test runs just wrapped up, and Allison’s pretty stoked about the outcome.

Reflecting on those intense three days in Bahrain—yeah, the same spot where the season’s first Grand Prix will kick off—Allison was buzzing. “It was a blast,” he’d probably say if we were grabbing coffee. They crammed in a ton of testing, tweaking setups that you just can’t fiddle with once the races start.

### World of difference from 2023 for Mercedes

Lewis Hamilton and George Russell? They hopped back into the Mercedes cockpit, giving it one last go before Hamilton jets off to Ferrari in 2025. This year’s test days? Gold, according to Allison. “Last year? Ouch. This year? Not the top dog but definitely not chasing its tail either,” he might quip, noting the car’s solid long-run pace.

Yet, the W15 isn’t perfect—Allison, who’s seen a few things in his 56 years, admits as much. “Single laps? We’ve gotta up our game there. But overall, this car’s got its act together way more than last year’s model,” he’d likely conclude, with a hopeful glint in his eye.

So, there you have it. Mercedes might not be the fastest out of the gate, but they’re not lagging far behind, with spirits high and improvements in sight. Who knows what this season will bring?

Albert Ramirez
Albert Ramirez
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