Alonso Agrees with Verstappen’s Statement on Battery Drainage

Max Verstappen has expressed his desire to quit Formula 1 before he reaches his forties due to the demanding schedule and desire to try other racing options, a sentiment understood by Fernando Alonso, who, despite wanting to continue in F1 beyond 42, acknowledges the strain of the schedule and has stated he will consider quitting when it becomes too much.


‣ Max Verstappen has expressed that he does not wish to continue in Formula 1 into his forties, citing a desire to explore other racing options and to avoid being away from home for extended periods.
‣ In contrast, Fernando Alonso has stated his intention to remain active in Formula 1 until he is at least 42, and possibly beyond.
‣ Alonso has stated that his decision to retire would not be due to a lack of motivation or feeling slow, but could be influenced by the demanding schedule and calendar of the sport.
‣ Alonso has expressed concern about the increasing number of races in a season and the impact this could have on his energy and motivation.

Max Verstappen is pretty clear about one thing – he doesn’t plan to be racing in Formula 1 into his forties. It’s not just about the racing, either. The three-time world champ has his sights set on other racing options, and frankly, he’s not too thrilled about being away from home for months at a time.

On the flip side, you’ve got Fernando Alonso. He’s all in, wanting to be active in Formula 1 until he’s 42, maybe even longer. The Aston Martin Spaniard gets where Verstappen is coming from, but he’s not ready to throw in the towel just yet.

Alonso’s been pretty vocal about it, too. “I’ve said it before, even before 2018, the day I stop racing won’t be because I’m not motivated or I feel slow,” he told the media, including GPblog. He’s confident, to say the least. “If I feel slow one day, I think it’ll be noticeable. I won’t be happy with my performance, and I’ll be the first to say, ‘OK, this is it.’ But I don’t think that time will come. I have extreme self-confidence in my performance.”

So, when will Alonso consider calling it quits? Well, it’s not so much about the racing as it is about the schedule. “With the calendar and the demanding schedule, one day I might feel it’s time because there are other things in life. It’s been a very demanding season with only 22 races, two cancellations next year with 24, the proper calendar.”

He’s not sure how he’ll feel about it. “Even Las Vegas, I saw today that it’s a triple header. I don’t know why I thought Vegas was alone next year and then Qatar and Abu Dhabi were together. I just found out now, like 10 minutes ago, that it’s three races together. These kinds of things will drain my battery, not driving,” the Spaniard said.

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