Alonso cites striking name as inspiration: Motivates us all

Fernando Alonso is happy at Aston Martin and sees his future with the team, while also acknowledging his old rival Lewis Hamilton as a source of motivation.


‣ Fernando Alonso sees his future at Aston Martin as a long-term project
‣ Alonso was inspired by Lewis Hamilton, his old rival
‣ Alonso and Hamilton are opposites in personality and motivation
‣ Hamilton has kept motivation through less competitive periods

Fernando Alonso has expressed his satisfaction in his current racing team, Aston Martin, as a long-term project. Following rumors regarding a potential transfer to Red Bull Racing, the 42-year-old responded by voicing his contentment with his current team. According to a quote from GQ Magazine, Alonso sees inspiration in his old rival, Lewis Hamilton. Despite the duo’s history as fierce competitors with contrasting personalities, Alonso credits the motivation of his old rival for serving as an inspiration for him.
Where the duo’s circumstances have differed significantly, Alonso admits to drawing inspiration from Hamilton’s attitude and determination. When asked if Hamilton would have remained motivated in similar circumstances to Alonso, the Spaniard conceded, “We have different personalities and motivations.” Despite being in a challenging season and trailing in the rankings, Hamilton’s unyielding perseverance still influences Alonso. “Now he’s not having the best car, Red Bull is dominating, but he’s still fighting always,” Alonso said of his old rival.
The ongoing motivation of Hamilton, despite the differing situations, motivates Alonso and serves as inspiration to the drivers on the paddock. Despite the contrasts between the personalities and career paths of Alonso and Hamilton, the old rivals continue to fuel each other’s aspirations and relentless dedication on the race track. Hamilton’s persistent motivation despite the challenges is a source of inspiration to Alonso, demonstrating the profound impact rivals can have on each other.

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