Alonso Dedicates FIA Award to Perez, Says Two Drivers Needed for Achievement

Fernando Alonso won the ‘Action of the Year’ award at the FIA gala for his duel with Sergio Perez at the Brazilian Grand Prix, an event where fans could vote for the overtake of the year.


‣ Fernando Alonso received the ‘Action of the Year’ award at the FIA gala in Baku for his duel with Sergio Perez at the Brazilian Grand Prix.
‣ The award-winning moment involved Alonso overtaking Perez, securing third place in the final moments of the Brazilian GP.
‣ Alonso was not present at the gala but sent a video message expressing his gratitude and sharing the award with Perez.
‣ The two-time world champion emphasized the importance of clean driving without any contact between cars, hoping it serves as an example for future generations.

Max Verstappen wasn’t the only one getting accolades at the FIA gala in Baku. Other racing champs were honored too. But, there was another driver who got a special mention – Fernando Alonso.

He bagged the ‘Action of the Year’ award. And why? His epic face-off with Sergio Perez at the Brazilian Grand Prix.

Alonso’s Big Win at FIA Gala

Before the gala, F1 fans had a task. They had to vote for the best overtake of the year. The nominees? Alonso and Perez.

Their battle was a nail-biter. Perez, driving for Aston Martin, managed to snag third place. And he did it at the last minute, beating the Red Bull Racing driver at the Brazilian GP.

That moment? It got the ‘Action of the Year’ award. Alonso couldn’t make it to Baku for the gala. But he sent a video message, expressing his gratitude.

“Big thanks for voting me for the action of the year. My battle with Sergio in Brazil, remember?” said the 42-year-old Spaniard. He added, “I want to share this award with Sergio.”

He made a point about on-track battles. “It takes two to tango. This should be a lesson, not just for now but for future generations. We need to promote clean driving, no contact between cars. So, see you next year with more action on track,” said the two-time world champ.

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