Alonso Eyes Mercedes Move: The Only Free World Champion

Fernando Alonso, entering his 21st F1 season, considers the upcoming year with Aston Martin potentially his last in the sport, despite being in a unique position as one of the few available World Champions for 2025, and expresses a love for driving that could see him continue in motorsports beyond Formula 1.


– ‣ Fernando Alonso is contemplating retirement, indicating his second year with Aston Martin might be his last season in Formula 1.
– ‣ Despite Lewis Hamilton‘s move to Ferrari and the subsequent speculation, Alonso has not been contacted by Mercedes and remains focused on the upcoming season.
– ‣ Alonso highlights his unique position in the driver market as one of the few World Champions available, emphasizing his commitment to speed and performance.
– ‣ Alonso reflects on the potential longevity of his career, suggesting that with motivation and commitment, he could continue racing until his late 40s, but acknowledges the total dedication required by Formula 1.

Oh, the thrill of Formula 1! For many drivers, just getting there is a dream come true. But Fernando Alonso? He’s gearing up for his 21st season. Yep, you read that right. Twenty-four years of his life, zooming past in a blur of speed and adrenaline. And guess what he dropped on us at the AMR24 reveal? This season with Aston Martin might be his curtain call.

Now, let’s chat about Lewis Hamilton’s bombshell move to Ferrari. It shook the F1 world to its core. Naturally, everyone’s eyes turned to Alonso for the vacant Mercedes seat. But when GPblog poked him for answers? “Nothing at all,” he says. The driver market’s buzzing earlier than usual, but Alonso’s chill. He’s focused on the season ahead.

Here’s a fun fact: Alonso’s a bit of a rare gem. “I’m in a luxury position,” he boasts. With only three World Champions on the grid, and him being the only one eyeing 2025, he’s sitting pretty. But don’t get it twisted. He’s not itching to leave Aston Martin. If he decides to keep racing, they’re his first chat. It’s all about loyalty.

But, and it’s a big but, he’s keeping his options open. The next few months are crucial for him. It’s not just about contracts. It’s a deeper question of whether he wants to dive back into the F1 frenzy. Alonso loves driving, period. Be it a DTM car, a rally car, or a go-kart, he’s all in. So, if F1 waves goodbye, he’ll still be racing somewhere, having the time of his life.

Now, onto the million-dollar question: How long can Alonso keep at it? He’s the grandpa of the grid, surrounded by youngsters. Once, he thought 42 was the finish line. But last year? He was on fire, pushing those limits. After acing his winter physicals, he’s like, “Why not 48, 49, or even 50?” But, F1’s no walk in the park. It demands everything. Alonso’s given 24 years of his life to this sport. He loves it, but there’s a whole world out there he’s curious about.

So, what’s next for Alonso? Only time will tell. But one thing’s for sure: whether he’s on the F1 track or exploring new adventures, he’ll be doing it with the same passion that’s defined his incredible career.

Albert Ramirez
Albert Ramirez
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