Alonso Poised to Break Record in 21st F1 Season

Fernando Alonso is on the brink of reaching his 400th Formula 1 race in 2024, a milestone in his 21st season, making him the driver with the most race starts and finishes in the points in F1 history.


‣ Fernando Alonso is on the verge of reaching a significant milestone in his career, potentially driving his 400th F1 race in 2024, marking his 21st season in Formula 1.

‣ Alonso leads the record for the most Formula 1 races participated in and also holds the record for the most races finished in the points, with 301 finishes in a points-paying position, surpassing Lewis Hamilton and Kimi Raikkonen.

‣ Aston Martin is set to unveil the new F1 car for the 2024 season, with which Alonso and his teammate Lance Stroll aim to compete against top teams like McLaren, Mercedes, Ferrari, and Red Bull.

Max Verstappen? Oh, he shattered records left and right during the 2023 Formula 1 season with Red Bull Racing. But, hold your horses, he’s not the only one turning heads. Fernando Alonso, ever heard of him? He’s inching towards a milestone that’s nothing short of remarkable.

Now, let’s talk Alonso. 2024’s gonna be a big year for him. Why, you ask? Well, he’s gearing up for his 400th F1 race. Yep, you heard that right. The man’s been around, making his mark in the king class of motorsport for 21 seasons. That’s a record on its own. And get this – he’s sitting pretty with 377 starts already. With 24 races on the calendar this year, he’s looking at crossing the 400 mark. Can you imagine?

But wait, there’s more. Alonso isn’t just about quantity. The quality? Stellar. He’s a two-time world champion who’s not just participated in the most races but also has a knack for finishing in the points. As of now, he’s done it 301 times. That’s one more than Lewis Hamilton, folks. And let’s not forget Kimi Raikkonen trailing with 278.

Oh, and before I forget – Aston Martin’s got something cooking. They’re unveiling their new F1 car on Monday, 12 February. Alonso and his teammate, Lance Stroll, are all set to take it for a spin in 2024. Last year? They kicked off stronger than anyone expected. This year, they’re not just hoping to match that but to give teams like McLaren, Mercedes, Ferrari, and yes, even Red Bull, a run for their money. Talk about setting the bar high, huh?

Albert Ramirez
Albert Ramirez
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