Alonso & Russell Crash: Did Alonso Cause It? He Claims Focus Was Ahead

Fernando Alonso is under scrutiny for potentially causing George Russell‘s crash in the Australian Grand Prix, explaining his sudden deceleration was due to throttle issues and battery deployment problems, not a brake test.


‣ Fernando Alonso is under scrutiny for potentially causing George Russell’s crash during the final lap of the Australian Grand Prix.

‣ Alonso reported having throttle issues to his team via radio before the crash, which might explain his sudden reduction in speed.

‣ After the race, Alonso expressed concern for Russell’s condition and explained his own struggles with the car’s battery and deployment affecting his performance.

‣ Despite the difficulties faced throughout the weekend, Alonso acknowledged the role of strategy and a timely safety car in his race outcome.

Fernando Alonso found himself in hot water after the Australian Grand Prix. The final lap drama? It involved George Russell and a heavy crash. Sky Sports got the scoop directly from the Aston Martin driver. Was there a brake test? That was the burning question.

### Alonso on Russell’s Crash
Alonso had been facing his own battles before the crash. Over the team radio, he mentioned a throttle issue. Couldn’t push it to the max, he said. This might shed light on why his car slowed unexpectedly, more so than in previous laps. Post-race, before Alonso faced the stewards, he gave his perspective.

“I wasn’t looking back,” he admitted. The last 15 laps were a struggle, with battery and deployment issues. “It was tough towards the end. But, thank goodness, he’s okay. Seeing his car… it had me worried,” the 42-year-old Spaniard shared.

He didn’t stop there. “I knew he was on my tail, had been for a while. Those last laps? Felt like qualifying rounds, trying to keep pace. But let’s be honest, it wasn’t an easy race. Nor was the weekend, pace-wise.” Alonso reflected on the race’s challenges and the stroke of luck with the strategy when Lewis had his mishap. “That safety car was timely, but it doesn’t change the fact that it was a tough weekend from start to finish.”

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