Alonso Shocked by Common Question on Disappointment

Fernando Alonso, starting from P4 and expressing satisfaction with his qualifying position, emphasized the importance of maintaining his team’s competitive performance in the race, amidst acknowledging the challenge posed by being the fastest team behind the leading groups and the lack of support expected from teammate Lance Stroll.


‣ Fernando Alonso is starting from P4 and expressed happiness with this result, despite losing time in the last sector.

‣ Alonso emphasized the importance of maintaining their performance in the race, acknowledging the team’s previous one-lap strength and their efforts to improve race pace.

‣ He highlighted the competitive nature of the grid, noting that he is in the mix with top teams like McLaren, Ferrari, Mercedes, and Red Bull.

‣ Alonso mentioned that he has strong competitors ahead of him, including Max Verstappen, Charles Leclerc, and Sergio Perez, and does not expect assistance from teammate Lance Stroll during the race.

Fernando Alonso’s starting from P4 caught a few eyes. The Spaniard was almost at the front row, but the last sector? Not his friend. Yet, chatting with Sky Sports, he couldn’t hide his grin. “I’m super happy,” he spilled, almost chuckling. “You know, everyone’s asking if I’m bummed. But hey, second row? That’s not too shabby.”

### Alonso: ‘Need to hold this in the race’

Then, Alonso got a bit more serious. “Just five days back in Bahrain, we clocked in as the quickest behind the big guns – McLaren, Ferrari, Mercedes, and Red Bull. Now, rubbing shoulders with them, even if it’s just for a lap, feels pretty darn good.” He paused, pondering. “We gotta keep this up in the race, though. Bahrain was a mixed bag for us; killer in a lap, not so much over the race. We’ve tweaked a few things. Fingers crossed for tomorrow.”

Ahead of Alonso? Max Verstappen, Charles Leclerc, and Sergio Perez. Not exactly the easiest crowd to overtake. And behind him? The McLarens and the Mercedes, lurking. As for Lance Stroll, starting tenth, don’t hold your breath for any favors. The Canadian’s got his own race to run.

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