Alonso to Join Verstappen as Teammate: The Logic behind Red Bull’s Switch

The rumours are suggesting that Fernando Alonso may join Red Bull Racing in 2024 to become Max Verstappen‘s teammate, with Red Bull considering the switch due to Sergio Perez‘s underperformance and lack of viable young drivers in their development program, while Alonso’s arrival would benefit Red Bull’s car development and bring in a charismatic personality to attract fans and boost sales.


‣ Fernando Alonso may be moving to Red Bull Racing in 2024 as Max Verstappen’s teammate.
‣ Sergio Perez’s position at Red Bull is uncertain due to underperformance.
‣ Red Bull could benefit from Alonso’s experience and development skills.
‣ Alonso’s arrival would bring in an outspoken personality and gain millions of fans.

Rumors are swirling after the Mexico Grand Prix that Fernando Alonso may be joining Red Bull Racing as Max Verstappen’s teammate in 2024. While it may not seem realistic at the moment, there are several reasons why this move could make sense for the Austrian racing stable.

Sergio Perez’s performance has been underwhelming, with his qualifying struggles and inability to reach the podium with the dominant RB19. As Verstappen continues to rack up victories, Perez’s position on the team is becoming increasingly uncertain. Daniel Ricciardo, who hopes to partner with Red Bull team management again, is seen as a potential replacement for Perez. However, Red Bull has emphasized that Perez is still under contract for next season.

Meanwhile, Alonso has showcased his talent with multiple podium finishes this season. Frustration is mounting for the Spaniard as his team, Aston Martin, has fallen to the back of the field. This has prompted Alonso’s management to explore other options for next year. With Perez’s underperformance, Red Bull has a strong incentive to consider Alonso as a potential replacement.

The pairing of Verstappen and Alonso would be a powerful combination for Red Bull. Alonso’s experience and skills would contribute to the car’s development, which currently relies heavily on Verstappen. Additionally, beating a multiple world champion like Alonso would solidify Verstappen’s status as one of the best drivers in motorsport. For Alonso, the opportunity to fight for wins and the world championship in the twilight of his career would be a welcome chance, as he has lacked competitive material in recent years.

Alonso’s arrival at Red Bull would also bring an outspoken personality to the team, aligning with the no-nonsense figures of Christian Horner and Helmut Marko. In Spain, a country passionate about Formula 1, Alonso would serve as a perfect flagbearer for Red Bull Racing. This would result in an increase in fans and sales for the team. Moreover, Verstappen and Alonso have a great rapport, unlike Verstappen and Perez, which could create a high-class duo for Red Bull Racing.

Overall, while Alonso’s move to Red Bull may not be realistic at the moment, the potential benefits for both parties make it an intriguing possibility. The pairing of Verstappen and Alonso could have a significant impact on the team’s performance and popularity, making it a compelling storyline to follow.

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