Alonso’s Enjoyment of His Fight with Perez: The Answer

Legendary Fernando Alonso placed his Aston Martin in front of Sergio Perez‘s faster Red Bull for several laps of the Brazilian Grand Prix and, despite a brief period of losing his lead at the end, returned to the podium and expressed hope for continued success in the season’s final races at Las Vegas and Abu Dhabi.


– It was an epic battle at the Brazilian Grand Prix: the old fox Fernando Alonso positioned his Aston Martin in front of Sergio Perez’s faster Red Bull for laps
– Alonso’s resistance seemed to be broken after all but he fought his way back to the podium
– Alonso hopes and expects to maintain the form shown in Sao Paulo during the final races of the season – in Las Vegas and Abu Dhabi
– Alonso does not know if the new found competitive edge will be at the level of the podium but is hopeful for a healthy competitive position in the last two races of the season.

Fernando Alonso and Sergio Perez had an intensive match at the Brazilian Grand Prix, where Alonso effectively blocked Perez’s attempts to pass him for a significant amount of laps. Commentators praised Alonso for keeping Perez behind despite his faster car. The race was described as one of the most impressive in the veteran Alonso’s long career, with him ultimately fighting his way back to the podium after an intense battle.

When asked about his enjoyment during the race, Alonso simply replied “Normal”. This suggests that for Alonso, the race was just another day at the office, showing his pure racing spirit. This performance was particularly satisfying for Alonso as it came at the end of a down period for Aston Martin, where the team’s cars lacked the necessary speed to be competitive.

Alonso was optimistic about carrying the momentum from the Brazilian Grand Prix into the upcoming races, stating that the team had made improvements and that he hoped to be competitive in the last two races. He emphasized that the team was hoping for a solid finish to the season, and being in the mix for the final races was a happy place for them. Alonso also mentioned that there were factors that helped the team achieve success in Brazil, and he hoped to be closer to that level in the following races. He demonstrated positivity and confidence about the team’s future performance at Las Vegas and Abu Dhabi.

Albert Ramirez
Albert Ramirez
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