Alonso’s hopes dashed in a short race.

Aston Martin’s strategic race led to Fernando Alonso‘s strong third-place finish in Brazil, providing a much-needed confidence boost after a tough season.


‣ The last time Fernando Alonso won a Grand Prix was at Zandvoort
‣ Both Aston Martin and Fernando Alonso had been struggling for speed
‣ Last week, team boss Mike Krack told co-owner Lawrence s
‣ Alonso finished third in the recent Gran Prix race, despite a series of disappointing performances

Fernando Alonso has faced some challenging times lately. Since he last took home a podium at Zandvoort, he has been struggling to find speed. Despite other teams making significant improvements with their updates, it seemed that the British team’s changes only made their cars worse.

In Brazil, things turned around for Alonso and Aston Martin. Team boss Mike Krack expressed his dissatisfaction to co-owner Lawrence Stroll last week, but at this Grand Prix, they were as competitive as they were at the beginning of the season. Alonso came in right behind Sergio Perez by only 53 thousandths of a second, making it an exciting finish.

Discussing the race, Alonso said, “I’m not sure, the closest [gap] that’s for sure,” “Yes, it was a very intense race. And there was no time to relax. Very strategic race as well – saving the tyres, saving the battery always, in case you need it on a DRS opportunity for Checo. I thought that I had things under control in the last stint until maybe five laps to the end, when I started pushing a little bit more.”

Given the difficult period for the team, Alonso’s third-place finish brings some relief. He shared, “I think we’ve been struggling for a few months. But the last two races were probably quite painful. We had to experiment a little bit on a few things on the car to really understand the direction that we were going and we have to go for next year’s car as well.” After such a turnaround in performance, Alonso is full of anticipation to go to Vegas, expressing a very positive energy after having a performing car on the track.

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