AlphaTauri Aims to Shed Rookie Team Label

AlphaTauri’s Formula 1 team CEO, Peter Bayer, stated that the team’s focus has shifted from preparing rookies for larger teams to performing with a mix of experienced and younger drivers, with the aim of becoming more competitive.


‣ AlphaTauri’s Formula 1 team, under CEO Peter Bayer, has shifted its focus from preparing rookies for larger teams to performing with a mix of experienced and younger drivers.
‣ The team currently has over 17 seasons of racing experience, a significant change from their approach in 2015 when they were primarily focused on new drivers.
‣ The change in strategy is attributed to a new name, potential sponsors from the US, and a desire to be more competitive.
‣ Bayer believes that young drivers need approximately three years to be ready for F1, and that having an experienced driver can improve the flow of information and performance.

Peter Bayer, the big boss at AlphaTauri’s Formula 1 team, spilled the beans to He said, “We’re done being the rookie prep team.” They’re shifting gears. They’re now eyeing a mix of seasoned and fresh drivers.

Daniel Ricciardo and Yuki Tsunoda are already on board. They’ve got 17 racing seasons between them. Quite a leap from 2015, huh? Back then, Max Verstappen and Carlos Sainz were just dipping their toes into top-tier motorsports.

So, what’s the deal? Bayer says it’s a cocktail of reasons. A fresh brand name, potential sponsors from the US, and more.

AlphaTauri’s New Game Plan: Get Competitive

Bayer dropped this bomb: “The shareholders want us to step up our game.” Franz, he says, always believed that a young driver needs three years to be F1-ready. Bayer’s on board with that now, 100%.

He realized that a rookie behind the wheel means more time before they hit their stride. “The moment we put a young driver into the car, it’s a whole different ball game,” he says. It’s a shift in the information flow. With a seasoned driver like Daniel, it’s a two-way street. He feeds the engineer, who feeds the operations room, and they feed him back. It’s a loop.

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