AlphaTauri’s Potential to Become Miniature Red Bull Racing Depends on Certain Factors

AlphaTauri is entering a new era with the departure of team boss Franz Tost and the appointment of Laurent Mekies, which includes strengthening ties with Red Bull Racing and a potential name change, while the impact of this collaboration on the competition between the two teams remains uncertain.


‣ Franz Tost has departed as team boss of AlphaTauri, with Laurent Mekies (ex-Ferrari) set to take over, marking a new era for the team.
‣ AlphaTauri is strengthening its ties with Red Bull Racing, with the collaboration being closely watched by competitors.
‣ Red Bull Racing team boss, Christian Horner, compares the relationship between AlphaTauri and Red Bull to that of Ferrari and Mercedes, who provide parts to other Grand Prix teams.
‣ Horner emphasizes that it’s up to the receiving team to effectively use the provided tools and parts, citing the example of McLaren outperforming their supplier, Mercedes, in certain areas.

Franz Tost’s exit as team boss marks a new era for AlphaTauri. A name change is on the horizon. Laurent Mekies, formerly of Ferrari, is set to take the reins. The Italian team is tightening its bond with Red Bull Racing. This includes a new factory in England.

The competition? They’re eyeing the Red Bull Racing and AlphaTauri alliance with suspicion. Will the gap between the two teams shrink? Christian Horner, among others, responded to GPblog, “Who knows? It’s all about the team’s quality.”

Horner, the Red Bull Racing team boss, drew parallels with Ferrari and Mercedes. “We can supply certain parts, just like Ferrari and Mercedes do. They equip two Grand Prix teams with gearboxes, suspension, simulation tools, and a wind tunnel. AlphaTauri and Red Bull share a similar relationship. But how they use these tools? That’s up to them.”

In Formula 1, the supplying team isn’t always the strongest. Horner points to Mercedes, a parts supplier for McLaren, as an example. “McLaren used the tools better than their supplier in the latter half of the year. It’s really about how they utilize what’s allowed within the regulations.”

AlphaTauri previously mentioned that the suspension from Red Bull Racing helped them climb the constructors’ championship ladder in the latter part of the 2023 season. The Italians plan to use the Austrian suspension in ’24. So, let’s see what happens, shall we?

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