Alpine Anticipated Their Challenging Start, Admits “Unfortunately So”

Alpine is struggling in the 2024 season with a car that cannot progress on the grid, and despite junior driver Jack Doohan’s acknowledgment of the team’s challenges and their efforts to keep fighting, their performance has resulted in low finishes and technical issues in races.


‣ Alpine is facing significant challenges in the 2024 season with a car that struggles to advance on the grid, as acknowledged by Alpine junior Jack Doohan on the F1 Nation Podcast.

‣ Despite anticipating difficulties, the reality of the situation has been as bad as feared, emphasizing the importance of recognizing and accepting the current performance level without unrealistic expectations.

‣ The A524 car shows no substantial improvement over the 2023 model, placing Alpine at a disadvantage as other teams progress, highlighting the necessity of maintaining morale and focusing on upcoming upgrades.

‣ Despite underwhelming performances, including finishing positions outside the points in Bahrain and Saudi Arabia, the team is seeking small victories to keep spirits high, as exemplified by Doohan’s comments on aiming for points and celebrating minor achievements.

Things at Alpine? Not great, to be honest. The French team, despite being a factory squad, hasn’t quite cracked the code for 2024. Their car’s stuck in the slow lane on the grid. Alpine’s own Jack Doohan spilled the beans on the F1 Nation Podcast. Seems like they saw the storm brewing a while back.

So, what’s the vibe like over at Alpine? Doohan’s take? “Keep on truckin’.” They knew the road would be bumpy. “We weren’t expecting fireworks, but this? It’s rough.” And that’s putting it mildly. They hoped for the best but braced for the worst. And the worst showed up, uninvited. “It’s our reality now. No use crying over spilt motor oil,” he added. The A524? It’s like the 2023 car’s twin in all the wrong ways. If everyone else is stepping up their game, you’re basically fighting not to be last. “Losing spirit? Not an option,” Doohan insists. They’re not throwing in the towel just yet. Upgrades are on the horizon, and the team’s all hands on deck.

### Alpine underperforms

Let’s talk race results. Bahrain was a double whammy of 17th and 18th places. Then, in Saudi Arabia, Pierre Gasly didn’t even get a fighting chance, bowing out early with a gearbox glitch. Esteban Ocon managed 13th. Not exactly a victory lap, but Doohan’s looking for silver linings. “Points? Nope. But it’s about celebrating the small victories.” And apparently, finishing 13th is a “small win.” He’s keeping the faith, at least for now.

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