Alpine Dismisses Engine Equalisation Concerns, Focuses on 2026

Plans to equalise Formula 1 engines have been abandoned after Alpine withdrew proposals for engine upgrades, citing lack of support from other teams and a desire to focus on the development of the 2026 power unit project.


‣ Plans for equalisation of Formula 1 engines have been scrapped due to lack of full support from other teams.
‣ Alpine, whose engine was found to be less powerful, has withdrawn its proposals for engine upgrades.
‣ The FIA had been considering ways to reduce power differences among engines and had a provision for possible adjustments during the current season.
‣ Alpine decided not to pursue the matter further, stating that the small performance gain would be a distraction from their development efforts for the 2026 Power Unit project.

There were plans to equalize Formula 1 engines. Why? Because the Renault/Alpine power unit wasn’t as powerful as the others. But those plans? Scrapped, according to

Alpine had some ideas for engine upgrades. But not everyone was on board. So, the FIA review? Closed. Back in July, folks started talking about engine equalization. This was after an FIA analysis showed that Alpine’s engine specs, set in stone till 2026, were less powerful. We’re talking 20 to 33 HP less than Ferrari, Mercedes, and Honda engines.

Remedy difference

The FIA says the F1 Commission has been brainstorming. They want to reduce this power difference. The power unit manufacturers at the Commission gave the Power Unit Advisory Committee a task. They were to consider this issue and bring back proposals.

This approval came after a mid-season review of engine performance by the FIA. They could do this, even with the engine freeze. Why? Because it was decided at the start of this engine rules cycle that adjustments could be made. This was a safety net. It was to prevent an engine manufacturer from falling behind till 2026 due to a significant difference in engine performance.

Alpine responds

So, Alpine withdrew their requests. The FIA accepted this. Apparently, it became clear to Alpine that they wouldn’t get full support from other teams. Even though there was a ‘gentleman’s agreement’ among the teams.

Bruno Famin, the interim Alpine team boss, had something to say. He stated, “We actively decided not to take the matter further after discussions with the FIA about engine equalisation. Besides, the performance gain would be small. It would distract us from the development of the 2026 PU project.”

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