Alpine Shifts Strategy: Entering War Mode

Esteban Ocon expressed dissatisfaction with his performance in the recent season, citing lack of consistency and too many DNFs, but remains hopeful for improvement with new investors in his team, Alpine, and a renewed focus on racing in the upcoming year.


‣ Esteban Ocon’s performance in the 2021 season was not as consistent as he had hoped, with too many DNFs (Did Not Finish) affecting his overall standing.
‣ Ocon believes that without certain issues, such as a gearbox problem in Singapore and a collision in Austin, he could have been in the top 10 in the championship.
‣ Alpine, Ocon’s team, has attracted new investors including well-known actors and athletes, which has boosted the team’s morale and confidence.
‣ Going forward, Alpine plans to focus more on racing and less on side activities, with Ocon set to resume intensive training from December 17th.

Esteban Ocon’s season? Well, it was kinda under the radar. After bagging a win in Hungary in 2021, the Frenchman had his sights set on climbing the ranks with Alpine. But, it took him nearly two seasons post-Hungaroring to step onto the podium again. And that was only a third place in Monaco. Not exactly what he and his ambitious team were gunning for. They had bigger dreams, maybe even expectations.

Ocon’s not thrilled about how his season panned out. He spilled his thoughts to GPblog in an interview. “No, I think there have been some very good things, some very good opportunities that we took, but the consistency overall hasn’t been there.” Too many DNFs, he said. Nine, to be exact. That’s the most of any drivers. He thinks that if they’d dodged the gearbox issue in Singapore and the run-in with Oscar in Austin, they could’ve cracked the top 10 in the championship. A missed opportunity, he reckons.

In other news, Alpine has some new investors on board. They’ve been itching to join the top teams for years. Their victory in Hungary in 2021 was a pleasant surprise, but it turned out to be a one-off. Alpine’s still stuck in the middle of the pack. To give them that extra push, they’ve roped in some new investors in recent months. Some big-name actors and athletes, for instance. “For the parts of the car, we are all on the budget cap, so that should be the same,” Ocon said about the financial boost.

“It’s awesome to see so many great names, great personalities coming along our journey,” he added. These folks have had a lot of success in their fields, and they’re definitely lending a hand in many different areas. It’s a morale booster for the team, and they’re all eager to make these new investors proud. Ocon’s genuinely thrilled to be working with such personalities and agents.

Ocon’s now on his winter break, albeit a short one. He plans to kickstart his training on the 17th of December. That’s until Christmas. Almost a week. Then from the 2nd of January until the first test, he’ll be back in full training mode. His approach? The same as in 2022. All racing, no life.

His team, Alpine, is also going to ensure that Ocon’s focus remains on racing, less on side issues. “We’ve been doing a lot of different things and activations outside the track this year. That’s going to change next year. Back to war mode and fully focused on the racing side.” But before that, there’s the team’s Christmas party, some simulator work, and a test. Ocon’s also looking forward to spending a few days with his family, whom he hasn’t seen in a while. Plus, some good times with friends.

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