Alpine Unveils Subtly Pink Livery

Alpine unveiled their 2024 Formula 1 car, the A524, featuring a mix of traditional blue and pink BWT colors, with plans to race in a predominantly pink livery during eight races to honor their sponsor BWT, despite the pink being less prominent than in previous years.


‣ Alpine presented their car for the 2024 Formula 1 season, featuring a mix of carbon, traditional Alpine blue, and pink BWT colour.
‣ During eight races, the Alpine car will feature more pink accents to honour their sponsor, BWT, which has remained with Alpine despite changes in personnel.
‣ The pink livery for the 2024 season is described as not very pink, with only some pink accents added, unlike previous years where the car was entirely coloured in BWT pink.

So, it was a regular Wednesday, right? Out of the blue, Alpine decides it’s showtime for their 2024 Formula 1 car. And guess what? They’re bringing back the pink. Yeah, you heard that right. Not just any pink, but a splash of it during several races.

Now, let’s dive into the A524. It’s this intriguing blend, you see. Picture this: carbon meets the iconic Alpine blue. Then, bam! In comes the pink BWT hue. For the most part, this is the look they’re rolling with. But hold on, there’s a twist. During eight special races, they’re cranking up the pink factor. Why? To tip their hats to BWT, their sponsor.

Speaking of BWT, they’ve had quite the journey. Once cozy with Aston Martin, they’ve now hitched their wagon to Alpine. Why the switch? Well, it seems they were quite fond of Otmar Szafnauer. He jumped ship to Alpine in 2022, and BWT was like, “We’re with him.” Even though Szafnauer had to bow out, BWT’s still in the Alpine camp.

Now, onto the juicy bit. The pink livery for 2024? It’s kinda playing hard to get. Unlike before, when Alpine was drenched in BWT pink, this time it’s more like pink with a side of pink. Just some subtle hints here and there for the new season.

Albert Ramirez
Albert Ramirez
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