Andretti Issues Second Statement, Battles for F1 Spot

Andretti Cadillac is confused by Formula One Management’s rejection of their F1 entry, insists on entering in 2026 with FIA approval, and remains open to discussing commercial matters with FOM despite the setback.


‣ Andretti Cadillac expressed confusion and disappointment over Formula One Management’s (FOM) rejection of their entry into F1, despite not giving up on their aspirations to join the sport.

‣ The team had initially indicated a preference for entering F1 in 2025 during the FIA expression of interest process, but has been operating with 2026 as their target entry year for several months, despite the application not specifying a limitation to 2025 or 2026.

‣ Andretti Cadillac emphasized the importance of an in-person meeting with FOM to discuss commercial matters and confirmed their interest in such a meeting, indicating a proactive approach to resolving the situation.

‣ Despite the setback from FOM, Andretti Cadillac remains hopeful about joining F1, with plans to enter in 2026, develop a car, and potentially use a factory General Motors engine from 2028, a move that has garnered support from many F1 fans.

Andretti Cadillac’s bafflement is palpable. They just can’t wrap their heads around the FOM’s decision. It’s like they’ve hit a brick wall. Formula One Management has given their bid a thumbs down, but Andretti and Cadillac? They’re not throwing in the towel. Not by a long shot.

So, here’s the scoop. Almost a year back, Andretti Cadillac threw their hat into the ring. They were eyeing 2025 as their big debut year in the F1 circus. The FIA gave them the nod, no strings attached. Whether it was 2025 or 2026 didn’t seem to matter. But, plot twist, Andretti Cadillac has been playing the long game, setting their sights on 2026 for quite some time now. The whole 2025 thing? Just a technical hiccup, thanks to how long this whole song and dance has been.

And get this – they were apparently in the dark about an offer to pow-wow with the FOM. A face-to-face? Absolutely crucial, they say. Andretti Cadillac is all in for a sit-down to hash things out. They’ve even shot off a letter to FOM, saying, “Let’s chat.”

Despite hitting a speed bump, Andretti Cadillac’s eyes are still firmly on the prize. They’re dreaming big – F1 in 2026, with a car ready to roll and plans to rev up a General Motors engine by 2028. The FIA’s on board, but FOM? Not so much. And that’s got F1 fans everywhere up in arms.

In a nutshell, Andretti Cadillac’s not backing down. They’re in it to win it, even if the road’s a bit bumpier than expected.

Albert Ramirez
Albert Ramirez
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