Andretti Missed F1 Invitation Due to Email Landing in Spam

Formula 1’s invitation to Andretti Cadillac for a discussion about joining the sport was missed because it ended up in a spam folder, leading to a misunderstanding that could still be resolved as all parties, including the FIA, are open to talks.


‣ Formula 1’s invitation to Andretti Cadillac for a discussion on joining F1 with a new team was missed because it was sent to a spam folder, leading to a lack of response from Michael Andretti and General Motors.

‣ Andretti Global discovered the oversight after investigating why they hadn’t responded to F1’s invitation, realizing the email was missed because it came from an unexpected sender within the sport, not CEO Stefano Domenicali.

‣ Despite the initial communication mishap, Andretti expressed a continued interest in engaging in talks with Formula 1 about the potential participation of Andretti Cadillac in the racing series.

‣ The FIA, with President Mohammed Ben Sulayem showing support for Andretti’s application, has approved it in 2023 and remains open to discussions about Andretti Cadillac’s entry into Formula 1, indicating a possibility for future negotiations.

Oh, the irony! Imagine, Formula 1 sends out an invite to Andretti Cadillac for a chit-chat about joining the big leagues with a new F1 team. And where does this golden ticket end up? You guessed it – the spam folder. The Associated Press spilled the beans on why Michael Andretti and the folks over at General Motors were radio silent. They simply didn’t see the email.

### ‘F1 invitation ended up in Andretti’s spam folder’

So, here’s the scoop. F1 was like, “Hey, Andretti, let’s talk.” But Andretti didn’t RSVP. They hit back with a “What invite?” Turns out, they were clueless about any invitation. Andretti was actually keen on the convo, believe it or not.

Digging deeper, Andretti Global’s tech wizards did some sleuthing. Lo and behold, the email didn’t come from Stefano Domenicali, the big boss. Instead, it was from another F1 crew member. That’s why it took a detour to spam city. Despite the mix-up, Andretti’s still up for a heart-to-heart with F1.

Meanwhile, the FIA’s not just sitting around. They’re all for gabbing about the situation. The head honcho, Mohammed Ben Sulayem, is already cheering from Andretti’s corner. He gave the thumbs up to their application in 2023. So, there’s a glimmer of hope that everyone will get around the table and hash things out.

In a world where emails dictate fate, this saga reminds us to check our spam folders. Because, who knows? There might just be an F1 invite lurking in there.

Albert Ramirez
Albert Ramirez
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