Andretti’s believe in success GP Las Vegas for the long haul

Formula 1 visits the streets of Las Vegas for the first time next weekend, leading to much anticipation as to the quality of the race. Mario Andretti is looking forward to the race and thinks the long-term investment in the infrastructure shows that the race will stick around.


– The Las Vegas Grand Prix is highly anticipated, attracting many celebrities, but it remains to be seen whether it will be interesting in terms of the race itself.
– There are uncertainties around the race, including performance of the cars and Pirelli tires in the expected cold temperature, and uncertainty around the street circuit layout.
– Mario Andretti believes the Las Vegas Grand Prix will be a long-term event, given the investment and infrastructure that has been put in place.
– Andretti sees the long-term potential of having Grands Prix in Las Vegas, Miami, and COTA in the U.S.

Next weekend is the long-awaited Las Vegas Grand Prix. It will be held in Nevada for the first time and is expected to be an exciting event. Ahead of the race, legend Mario Andretti, 1978 F1 champion, expressed his enthusiasm. In anticipation of the event, he shared his thoughts during an exclusive interview with (publication). “I think what they’re doing there is amazing because the investment that’s there means it’s going to be there a long time.” He commented on the commitment to the track infrastructure, conveying his belief that the investment in the city is a long-term one.

The upcoming F1 race in Las Vegas sparks many uncertainties. Among them are concerns about how the cars and Pirelli tires will perform in the cold evening weather, as well as the potential spectacle of the street circuit layout. Speaking on the layout, Andretti acknowledged the challenges posed by street courses while emphasizing the efforts being made to leverage the city’s geography.

Despite these challenges, Andretti stressed the commitment to the Las Vegas Grand Prix, foreseeing that it will be a permanent addition to the F1 calendar, much like the Miami Grand Prix. According to Andretti, the city has made substantial investments, indicating it would be more than just a temporary course. These investments, he believes, will provide long-term benefits, making it “an absolute commitment.” The prospect of these races in the United States excites Andretti, noting the long-term investment these temporary courses require.

As Formula 1 takes to the streets of Las Vegas, fans, drivers, and nation will eagerly await how the event unfolds. With the glowing endorsements from legends such as Andretti, the Las Vegas Grand Prix looks set to captivate many and establish itself as a much-anticipated event on the F1 calendar.”

Albert Ramirez
Albert Ramirez
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