Aston Martin Admits They Won’t Surpass Red Bull

The 2023 Aston Martin team made significant strides in the season, leading to speculation about what to expect from the 2024 team, with the performance director expressing optimism for the upcoming year and noting that trackside execution will be crucial due to small margins.


‣ The 2023 Aston Martin was a significant improvement from the 2022 model, with the team making a large leap in performance.
‣ The team finished seventh in the 2022 constructors’ championship but had six podium finishes in the first eight GP weekends of 2023.
‣ Despite the improvements, Aston Martin doesn’t expect to outperform Red Bull in the near future.
‣ The team believes that the field will be even closer in 2024 due to stable regulations, and that trackside execution will be crucial.

The 2023 Aston Martin was a stark contrast to its 2022 counterpart. Particularly in the first half of the season, the British team’s new car marked a significant leap forward. This begs the question – what’s in store for the 2024 team?

Another big step forward?

In 2022, Aston Martin finished seventh in the constructors’ championship, scoring a total of 55 points. A few months later, however, Fernando Alonso managed to secure six podium finishes in the first eight Grand Prix weekends. Could we see another such leap in the upcoming winter?

Tom McCullough, in a chat with GPblog and others, shared his thoughts. “I think it’s helped when you weren’t as strong last season to make such a big jump. If we were to make the same jump now, we’d be well ahead of Red Bull, which is not going to happen,” he said.

He continued, “So in fairness, we were developing the car last year [2022]. By the end of the year, we were actually a lot closer to the fourth fastest team. Yes, we’re closer to the front, but the jump wasn’t as big. It is if you look at the start of 2022, but not at the end of 2022.”

Small differences in 2024

The rules for 2024 will remain stable, and Aston Martin believes this will bring the field even closer together. “If you look at the fact there were eight teams in the top ten [in Abu Dhabi] and how close qualifying was, that’s phenomenal, isn’t it, really? It just shows you that with stable regulations, there’s always an element of convergence,” McCullough added.

He also mentioned that some teams have developed really well this year. But, he thinks they’ll be the first to admit they started badly as well. Aston Martin’s performance director is optimistic about 2024. “I think next year will be fantastic for the sport. Trackside execution is going to be important. The margins won’t be enormous.”

In other news, Red Bull has shared a mysterious video. What could it mean?

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