Aston Martin Aims High in 2024: Targets Beating Red Bull Racing

Aston Martin aims to progress from their eight podium finishes in 2023 to becoming Grand Prix winners and ultimately world champions, focusing on overcoming Red Bull Racing by concentrating on small, detailed improvements in their car design, according to their technical boss Dan Fallows, while driver Lance Stroll emphasizes the team’s goal to strengthen internally rather than directly outperform Red Bull.


‣ Aston Martin aims to progress from achieving eight podium finishes in 2023 to becoming Grands Prix winners and eventually world champions, with an immediate focus on overcoming Red Bull Racing.

‣ Dan Fallows, Aston Martin F1’s technical boss, believes that the differences in lap times between teams will be very small in the upcoming season, emphasizing the importance of focusing on small details for performance improvements and considering Red Bull beatable.

‣ Lance Stroll, an Aston Martin driver, acknowledges the challenge posed by Red Bull’s recent dominance but emphasizes the team’s goal to strengthen internally and focus on becoming the best version of themselves rather than directly aiming to beat Red Bull.

Aston Martin’s got their eyes on the prize, aiming for more than just the eight podium finishes they bagged in 2023. They’re not just dreaming; they’re planning to climb the ranks. From Grand Prix victors to world champions, that’s the trajectory they’re gunning for. But first, there’s a giant in their path – Red Bull Racing.

Dan Fallows, the tech whiz at Aston Martin F1, reckons Max Verstappen‘s squad isn’t invincible. He’s got this vibe, you know? Like, “We’ve got this.”

As we edge closer to the new season, Fallows drops a hint. The lap time differences? Expect them to be tighter than a packed subway at rush hour. He’s betting that big, bold moves away from the current designs won’t be the norm. Instead, it’s the devil in the details that’ll make the difference. “It’s all about those nitty-gritty bits,” he muses, eyeing Red Bull’s blueprint like it’s a puzzle waiting to be solved.

“Tiny tweaks here and there, that’s our game plan,” Fallows asserts, confidence oozing. Red Bull? Beat them at their own game. That’s the target they’ve set their sights on.

Switching gears, we’ve got Lance Stroll, chilling on the sidelines but very much in the game. When quizzed about Fallows’ ambitious plans, he cracks a smile, “Just gotta whip up a faster car, right?” But jest aside, he knows the mountain they’re facing. Red Bull’s dominance isn’t news to him, nor is Verstappen’s top-tier driving.

Yet, Stroll’s playing it cool. Beating Red Bull isn’t the be-all and end-all for them. “It’s about being the best version of us,” he reflects. Last year’s successes weren’t flukes. They’ve tasted victory, and now, they’re hungry for more. With a slew of ideas brewing, Aston Martin’s focus is crystal clear. They’re not just in it to compete; they’re here to dominate, one step at a time.

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