Aston Martin Aims to Sign Driver for 2025 Season

Aston Martin has had a successful season with eight podium finishes but no victories, and while they hope to retain Fernando Alonso, who is considering his future in F1 and has shown interest in Mercedes, the team is keen on continuing their partnership with him beyond 2024, amidst uncertainties about his career plans and potential interest in other racing classes.


‣ Aston Martin has had a successful season with eight podium finishes but is yet to secure a victory, and they are hopeful for more success with Fernando Alonso in 2024.

‣ Fernando Alonso’s contract with Aston Martin is expiring, and there is speculation about his interest in Mercedes and uncertainty about his continuation in F1.

‣ Aston Martin is considering securing drivers for 2025, with team boss Mike Krack expressing a strong interest in continuing their partnership with Fernando Alonso.

‣ Alonso has indicated he feels fit for top-level motorsport and is contemplating whether to continue in Formula 1 or explore other racing classes.

Aston Martin’s been on fire this season. Eight podiums, can you believe it? But, a win? Nope, not yet. They’re pinning their hopes on Fernando Alonso for a brighter 2024. The guy’s contract’s ticking down, and rumors are he’s eyeing Mercedes. Honestly, who knows if he’s even sticking around in F1.

Now, here’s the kicker. Aston Martin might need not just one, but maybe two drivers for 2025. Why? Well, it’s all up in the air with Lance Stroll. Mike Krack, the big boss over at Silverstone, has his eyes on someone. And, drumroll… It’s Alonso. Shocked? Didn’t think so.

### Aston Martin would be over the moon with Alonso

So, Krack spills the beans, “The silly season’s kicked off way early,” he chuckles to the press, GPblog included. “But hey, we’re all about Fernando. Our bond? Solid. It’s like, trust and openness level 100. We’d be stoked to have him stick around till 2025 or even longer.”

Alonso’s feeling pumped, ready to race at the top of his game. He’s mulling over his future, pondering if F1’s still his playground or if it’s time to switch gears to another racing class. Only time will tell, but one thing’s for sure – the speculation’s just getting started.

Albert Ramirez
Albert Ramirez
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