Aston Martin Ambiguity: Tsunoda, Albon or Alonso’s Return?

At the end of 2024, 14 drivers’ contracts will expire, including Fernando Alonso‘s, and the future of Aston Martin’s team is uncertain due to potential ownership changes and the arrival of Honda as the engine supplier from 2026.


‣ At the end of 2024, 14 drivers’ contracts will expire, potentially leading to a significant reshuffling of teams and drivers.
‣ The future of Lance Stroll at Aston Martin is uncertain, with potential ownership changes and his performance in 2023 being factors.
‣ Fernando Alonso’s contract with Aston Martin expires at the end of 2024, and his continuation with the team will depend on his performance.
‣ Honda’s arrival as the engine supplier for Aston Martin in 2026 could influence driver choices, with Yuki Tsunoda being a potential candidate due to his Japanese nationality and experience.

2024 is a big year. Fourteen drivers’ contracts are up for grabs. But, six are already locked in post-season. A mega Silly Season is on the horizon. But what’s the current lay of the land?

Aston Martin is a hotbed of internal strife. Will Lawrence Stroll stay on as owner? Will Lance Stroll keep his seat? And when will Fernando Alonso call it quits?

Stroll and Alonso’s contracts – what’s the deal?

Aston Martin’s future hinges on its ownership. There’s talk of potential takeovers. This could sideline Lawrence Stroll, and by extension, his son Lance. Lance didn’t exactly shine in 2023, so he’s not topping any new owner’s driver wishlist.

The details of Lance’s contract are murky. Aston Martin says he’s racing in 2024. But Lance himself seemed unsure at a recent press conference. The contract length? A mystery. But with dad as owner, Lance’s seat seems safe… for now.

Alonso’s contract? That’s up at the end of 2024. Aston Martin wants to keep him as their lead and poster boy. But it all comes down to performance. If Alonso’s on the podium, he’s happy. If the team’s lagging, he might start questioning his F1 future.

Honda’s arrival and what it means for Aston Martin

Honda’s coming on board as engine supplier in 2026. This puts Yuki Tsunoda in the spotlight. The Japanese driver’s stuck at AlphaTauri and doesn’t look likely to snag a Red Bull Racing seat. For Honda, having a Japanese driver on the team is a dream. Tsunoda’s got the experience to step up. Plus, he was pretty solid in 2023.

Who else is in the running? It all depends on Aston Martin’s needs. Tsunoda’s not a direct Alonso replacement. He’s not quite there yet. Sainz could fill those shoes, but would he leave Ferrari? For Alexander Albon, Aston Martin would be a step up. Sergio Perez could also end his F1 career on a high note with ‘his’ team.

The second man? Plenty of options. With a potential Chinese takeover, Guanyu Zhou’s name has been thrown into the mix. And let’s not forget Felipe Drugovich. Aston Martin’s reserve driver has shown he’s got what it takes.

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