Aston Martin Team Boss Confirms Only Working Formula for F1 in 2024

Despite a disappointing 2023 Formula 1 season, Aston Martin’s team boss Mike Krack remains confident about the team’s prospects in 2024, citing valuable learning experiences from the previous season and a lack of lingering problems or doubts.


‣ At the start of the 2023 Formula 1 season, Aston Martin was a strong competitor, but their performance declined as the season progressed.
‣ Despite the disappointing performance in 2023, team boss Mike Krack is confident of a good 2024 season.
‣ In the first six races of the Formula One season, an Aston Martin driver, Fernando Alonso, was on the podium five times, but only twice in the remainder of the season.
‣ Krack believes that the experiences from the 2023 season will be valuable learning experiences for the 2024 season, and the team is not struggling with the same problems or doubts.

The 2023 Formula 1 season kicked off with Aston Martin posing a significant challenge to Red Bull Racing. Fernando Alonso, a real thorn in Max Verstappen‘s side, couldn’t quite clinch a win that year. As the season rolled on, Aston Martin’s performance dipped, leaving fans and critics disappointed. Yet, Mike Krack, the team’s boss, remains optimistic about 2024.

2024: A New Hope for Aston Martin?

Krack, a 51-year-old Luxembourger, shared his thoughts on the Aston Martin website. “We’re up against some tough competition,” he began. “The winter always brings uncertainty about what other teams are up to.” He continued, “It’s a vicious cycle. If we’re not prepared enough when the cars hit the track, we’ll have to hustle to improve. If we’re prepared, we’ll still need to push harder to stay ahead. That’s the only way to succeed in Formula 1.”

In the initial six races of the season, Alonso, driving for Aston Martin, managed to secure a podium finish five times. However, for the rest of the season, he only managed two more podium finishes. Krack acknowledges the need for improvement but sees a glimmer of hope.

Looking Ahead: Aston Martin’s 2024 Goals

“We’re not entering 2024 with a hangover from 2023,” Krack stated emphatically. “In fact, it’s quite the opposite.” He went on to explain, “The latter part of this season has been a positive learning experience for us. We’re taking these valuable lessons into the ’24 car. We’re not grappling with the issues of 2023. We’re not wrestling with doubts.” That’s the final word from the Aston Martin team boss.

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