Audi’s Interest in Hulkenberg: What Really Happened

Nico Hulkenberg has confirmed that there were talks between him and Audi regarding his services as a driver, but no agreement was reached, and the possibility for a future collaboration remains open depending on various factors such as Audi’s success in Formula 1 and Hulkenberg’s own situation in the driver market.


‣ Nico Hulkenberg has spoken to Audi about his services in Formula 1
‣ Audi plans to enter Formula 1 in 2026 and will eventually buy out Sauber (now Alfa Romeo)
‣ Audi is interested in having Hulkenberg in their car as early as 2024
‣ Hulkenberg’s contract with Haas F1 for next season does not close the door on a potential deal with Sauber and Audi from 2025

In a recent interview with the German branch of Sky, Haas F1 driver Nico Hulkenberg revealed that he has been in talks with Audi regarding a potential move to the team. Although the talks are currently not ongoing, there is still interest from Audi in securing the services of the 36-year-old driver.

Audi is set to enter Formula 1 from 2026, with plans to slowly take over the Sauber team (now Alfa Romeo) and eventually supply the team with engines. Hulkenberg confirmed that Audi would like to have him in the car as early as 2024. “There were talks, there was interest. In the end, it didn’t happen,” he stated.

While Hulkenberg has already signed a contract for next season with Haas F1, he believes that a deal between Sauber and Audi could still be possible in the future. “A lot will happen in the driver market. It always depends on how good a package you have; how well you can present yourself or not,” he said.

The future success of Audi in Formula 1 remains uncertain. Hulkenberg pointed out that they would need to prove themselves as a top team first, and there are still some question marks surrounding their performance. However, he expressed contentment with his current team and stated that everything else is “written in the stars.”

Recent rumors suggested that Audi’s future in Formula 1 is already in doubt, but the brand denied these claims in a statement. It seems that their plans to enter the top motorsport class are still intact, and fans will have to wait until 2026 to see them in action.

Overall, the potential move of Nico Hulkenberg to Audi and their entry into Formula 1 brings anticipation and uncertainty to the sport. Only time will tell how the cards will be shuffled in the driver market and whether Audi will establish themselves as a top team.

Albert Ramirez
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