Bahrain Constructors World Championship Standings: Red Bull Widens Gap

Red Bull Racing dominated the Bahrain Grand Prix, leading the Constructors’ World Championship standings with 44 points, creating a significant gap from their closest competitors, Ferrari and Mercedes.


‣ Red Bull Racing had an outstanding performance at the Bahrain Grand Prix, securing the maximum 44 points and establishing a significant lead in the Constructors’ World Championship standings.

‣ Five of the ten teams, including Red Bull, Ferrari, Mercedes, McLaren, and Aston Martin, managed to score points in the first race of the season, with both drivers from each team finishing in the top ten.

‣ Ferrari is currently Red Bull’s closest competitor, trailing by 17 points, while Mercedes is in third place in the constructors’ standings with 16 points.

‣ The Constructors’ World Championship standings after the Bahrain Grand Prix show Red Bull Racing in the lead, followed by Ferrari, Mercedes, McLaren, and Aston Martin in the top five positions.

Oh, what a weekend it was for Red Bull Racing! They absolutely nailed it on the track. Picture this: one Grand Prix down and they’ve already bagged the maximum points. Yep, 44 points sitting pretty in their kitty. This put them way ahead of the curve, leaving a dust trail in Bahrain for others to choke on.

Now, let’s talk about the scoreboard after that adrenaline-pumping race. Only half of the teams managed to score. We’re looking at Red Bull, Ferrari, Mercedes, McLaren, and Aston Martin. Each of these teams had their drivers zooming past the finish line among the top ten. Quite the spectacle, huh?

Ferrari’s tailing Red Bull, but there’s a catch. They’re lagging by 17 points. That’s the gap between them and the dynamic duo of Max Verstappen and Sergio Perez. Mercedes isn’t faring much better, with just 16 points to their name. This tussle has them sitting at third in the constructors’ standings.

### Constructors’ World Championship standings after Bahrain Grand Prix

– **First place?** Red Bull Racing, with a whopping 44 points.
– **Chasing behind** is Ferrari, holding onto 27 points.
– **Mercedes** is trying to keep up with 16 points.
– **McLaren’s** not out of the game yet, with 12 points.
– **Aston Martin**? They’ve got 3 points to their name.

And then, there’s the rest. Stake F1, Haas, Visa Cash App RB, Williams, and Alpine. All of them are starting with a clean slate. Zero points. Nada.

What a start to what promises to be an electrifying F1 season, right? The engines have just started roaring, and the leaderboard’s already looking spicy. Can’t wait to see how this all unfolds.

Albert Ramirez
Albert Ramirez
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