Bahrain F1 Winter Test Day 2 Guidebook

The first day of winter testing in Bahrain concluded with anticipation for day two, featuring drivers like Lewis Hamilton, Sergio Perez, and Max Verstappen, under stable weather conditions and with teams like Mercedes and Haas facing challenges, while Red Bull shows promising speed.


‣ The winter test in Bahrain continues with notable drivers like Lewis Hamilton, Sergio Perez, and Max Verstappen participating, raising curiosity about their performances and the potential dominance of Verstappen.

‣ The testing schedule is split into two sessions with a variety of teams and drivers participating in each, providing a comprehensive overview of the teams’ readiness and performance.

‣ Weather conditions in Bahrain are favorable for testing, with temperatures around 22 degrees Celsius and a 0 per cent chance of rain, although a jacket is recommended due to increasing wind during the day.

‣ Key observations from the first day include Red Bull’s fast pace with Max Verstappen, Mercedes facing challenges with the W15 car, and Haas potentially facing another difficult season, while some midfield teams show improvement.

Winter testing in Bahrain wrapped up its first day. Now, there’s barely a moment to catch our breath. After a quick snooze, we’re back at it. Tomorrow, Lewis Hamilton and Sergio Perez hit the track for the first time. And yes, Max Verstappen’s back for another four hours. Will he keep up his Wednesday dominance? We’re all ears and eyes.

Day two’s looking juicy, and we’ve got the deets in our guidebook.

Thursday’s test splits into two. Morning session? Cars roll out at 10:00 am Bahrain time. They’ll race the clock till 2:00 pm. Then, after a brief pause, the afternoon session kicks off at 15:00. Four hours later, it’s a wrap.

Who’s zooming when? Let’s break it down.

Morning’s lineup is a who’s who of F1: Perez in his Red Bull, Leclerc steering Ferrari, and Hamilton in his Mercedes, to name a few. The track’s gonna be buzzing.

Afternoon shifts gears. Verstappen takes the wheel for Red Bull, Sainz for Ferrari. Hamilton’s pulling a double shift. The list goes on.

And the weather? If you loved Wednesday, Thursday’s a repeat. Sunny skies, 22 degrees Celsius, and a big fat zero chance of rain. But hey, the wind’s picking up. Maybe grab a jacket.

Day one had us talking. Red Bull’s flying, with Verstappen leading the pack. A 1.1-second gap to Norris? That’s huge. But the field’s tight behind him. Can anyone bridge that gap?

Day two’s got eyes on Verstappen and Perez. Will Perez match Verstappen’s pace, or is that a tall order?

Then there’s Mercedes. Day one was rough, with Russell losing an hour to hydraulic issues. And when they did hit the track, they were lagging. Nearly three seconds off Red Bull’s pace. Ouch. But it’s early days. Hamilton’s turn to test the W15 could turn tides.

Don’t forget Haas. After a dismal 2023, they’re hoping for better. But day one didn’t promise much. Meanwhile, teams like VCARB and Stake F1 are showing promise. Midfield’s getting interesting, though Haas might not be thrilled.

Want to keep up with every twist and turn? GPblog’s liveblog has you covered. Or, if you’re craving the live experience, Sky Sports in the UK and F1TV globally are your go-tos.

There you have it. Day two’s shaping up to be a thriller. Stay tuned.

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