Bahrain Grand Prix 2024: Why It’s Scheduled for a Saturday in F1

In 2024, several Formula 1 Grands Prix, including the first two weekends of the season in Bahrain and Saudi Arabia, will be run on Saturdays instead of the traditional Sunday, primarily due to the Ramadan period and logistical challenges, with a similar exception made for the Las Vegas Grand Prix to accommodate its nighttime setting.


– ‣ Several Formula 1 Grands Prix will be run on Saturdays in 2024, breaking the traditional Sunday race day, starting with Bahrain and Saudi Arabia due to the Ramadan period.
– ‣ The decision to hold races on Saturday is influenced by the start of Ramadan on Sunday, March 10, 2024, particularly affecting the Saudi Arabia Grand Prix, as it is an Islamic country.
– ‣ The scheduling change means that the first two free practice sessions for the Saudi Arabia Grand Prix will take place on Thursday, necessitating teams to arrive earlier and impacting the scheduling of the Bahrain Grand Prix.
– ‣ The Las Vegas Grand Prix is also scheduled for Saturday night to accommodate the city’s nightlife and the time difference with Europe, making a Sunday race unfeasible.

F1 fans, buckle up. You’re in for a surprise. Next year, some races are ditching the usual Sunday for a Saturday slot. Yeah, you heard that right. Saturdays. We’re talking about Bahrain and Saudi Arabia kicking off the 2024 season with a twist. But why this sudden change?

Well, it’s all about Ramadan. In 2024, this significant period of fasting for Muslims begins on Sunday, March 10, right at sunset. So, the folks running the show in motorsport’s elite decided to wrap up Saudi Arabia’s Grand Prix, the season’s second race, by Saturday. Makes sense, right? Saudi Arabia, being an Islamic country, needs to align with Ramadan.

### Consequences for Bahrain
Now, this shift has a domino effect. With the Jeddah Corniche race ending on Saturday, the teams have to hit the ground running. Literally. The first two free practice sessions? They’re now on Thursday. No room for dilly-dallying. And this shake-up impacts Bahrain’s schedule too, which is a week before Saudi Arabia.

Teams usually roll into the circuit no earlier than Wednesday. But with Jeddah’s practice on Thursday, they’re looking at a Tuesday arrival. Imagine trying to juggle that with a Sunday race in Bahrain. Not happening. So, Bahrain’s race shifts to Saturday too. It’s all about giving the teams breathing room to hop from one venue to the next.

### What about Las Vegas?
Oh, and let’s not forget Las Vegas. This year, it’s all about the Saturday night lights. Europe will catch the action on Sunday morning, thanks to time zones. The city of neon dreams wants its Grand Prix under the stars. A Sunday night race? That would push it to Monday in Europe. And who wants to start their week like that?

So, there you have it. A little shake-up in the F1 calendar, all because of Ramadan and the dazzling allure of Las Vegas. It’s going to be an interesting season, to say the least.

Albert Ramirez
Albert Ramirez
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