Bahrain Grand Prix Results: Verstappen Wins, Sergio Perez Secures P2

Max Verstappen won the first race of the 2024 season with a significant lead of over 20 seconds, in a race where no cars dropped out and notable incidents included a collision between Hulkenberg and Stroll, and issues for Logan Sargeant and Alonso.


‣ Max Verstappen won the first race of the 2024 season with a significant lead of over 20 seconds, and no cars dropped out of the race.
‣ Right from the start, Verstappen established a lead of over a second in just one lap and maintained it throughout the 57 laps.
‣ Early in the race, Hulkenberg and Stroll collided at the first corner, causing Stroll to spin, though both were able to continue after a quick pit stop.
‣ The race saw potential issues with Logan Sargeant’s car and notable incidents including Alonso being out of the race, Leclerc having the wrong brake balance, and a driver swap between the two VCARB cars.

Oh boy, 98 days. Felt like forever, didn’t it? And then, bam! The lights dimmed, and we were off to the races again. The curtain raiser for the 2024 season wrapped up, and guess what? No real shocker on who took the top spot. Max Verstappen, yeah, that guy, zoomed past the finish line with a cool 20-second lead. And get this – not a single car bowed out. Pretty neat, huh?

Right from the get-go, Verstappen was on fire. Just one lap in, and he’s already a second ahead. Like, who does that? He kept that lead tighter than a drum through all 57 laps. Meanwhile, at the first corner, drama unfolded. Hulkenberg and Stroll decided to tango. The Canadian did a spin – a full 360, I imagine – but, hey, he got back on track. Both of them darted for a pit stop quicker than you can say “oops.”

Ten laps down, and everyone’s eyes were on Logan Sargeant. The dude’s engine took a quick nap, and we all thought, “That’s it, game over for him.” But nope, he managed to wake it up and kept on trucking. Honestly, the race itself? Not the edge-of-your-seat kind. But, oh, the drama elsewhere. Alonso? Nowhere in sight. Leclerc? Messed up brake balance. And then, the VCARB team decided to play musical chairs with their drivers.

So, yeah, that’s the gist of it. A race that’ll be remembered not for the heart-pounding action, but for the “huh, that happened” moments. Can’t wait to see what’s next!

Albert Ramirez
Albert Ramirez
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