Bahrain Winter Test Predicts Formula 1 Rankings

The Formula 1 season began with winter testing in Bahrain, revealing Red Bull Racing’s dominance, a competitive Ferrari, and varied performances across the teams, culminating in a predicted ranking before the 2024 Bahrain Grand Prix.


‣ Red Bull Racing is anticipated to maintain or even extend its lead over the competition in the 2023 Formula 1 season, with the RB20 showing significant promise during the winter test.

‣ Ferrari, with drivers Charles Leclerc and Carlos Sainz, is seen as the closest challenger to Red Bull, showcasing fast laps and good race pace despite some understeer issues.

‣ Mercedes, Aston Martin, and McLaren are also in close competition, each showing strengths during the winter test, with Mercedes having an innovative front wing design and McLaren showing progress compared to the previous year.

‣ Teams like Alpine, Williams, Stake F1 Team, and Haas faced various challenges during the winter test, with Alpine disappointed with their progress, Williams experiencing teething problems with a new car concept, Stake struggling with a tricky car, and Haas lagging behind in performance.

Ah, the Formula 1 season kicked off with those winter tests. You could spot the cars from all F1 teams at the Bahrain International Circuit. And oh boy, the body language from the teams? It spoke volumes. Let’s dive into where all the teams stand, wrapping up with a cheeky prediction of the rankings.

So, everyone hanging around the paddock is nodding in agreement: Red Bull Racing is in a league of their own. Again. No shocker there, considering the RB20 is zipping past the competition like it’s nothing. In 2023, Adrian Newey and his crew had all the time in the world to tweak the RB20, thanks to the RB19’s stellar performance. It looks like Red Bull might have widened that gap even more. But, we’ll only know for sure at the season’s first Grand Prix. And yeah, lots of folks are also keeping an eye on Ferrari. Frederic Vasseur’s team rolled out a car that looked pretty simple at the launch but performed impressively right off the bat.

Who’s gonna give Red Bull a run for their money in 2024? Charles Leclerc and Carlos Sainz are laying down some speedy laps and showing solid race pace. There’s a bit of understeer when they’re gunning it out of slow corners, but Ferrari seems to have an edge over the rest. And it’s a tight race in that group. Mercedes, Aston Martin, and McLaren have all brought their A-game right from the get-go. Mercedes has been testing with full tanks, giving Lewis Hamilton and George Russell a bit more to work with, plus they’ve got this innovative front wing design.

McLaren hit a few bumps during the test week but looks way sharper than last year. Andrea Stella is all about progress, and it seems like they’ve made some. How much? Well, that’s the million-dollar question. Aston Martin’s also looking surprisingly strong. After a bit of a misstep in their 2023 development strategy, they’re back in the game. Just keep in mind, this circuit’s always been a good fit for their car.

So, who didn’t quite shine in Bahrain? Visa Cash App RB made a significant leap forward. They’re playing it cool, but their car seems solid. Alpine, though, is another story. The French team is not feeling great about their winter progress, or the lack thereof. Looks like they’ve been left in the dust by VCARB.

Williams decided to shake things up with a radically different concept. Under James Vowles’ leadership, they’re hoping this new approach will catapult them back to the top. But, the winter test was a bit of a rough ride. In a move reminiscent of Red Bull’s old playbook, Williams waited until the last possible moment to bring the car out, banking on last-minute updates. This strategy led to some initial hiccups and might cause a few headaches in the early races.

The Stake F1 Team’s been on a bit of a downward spiral, ending up ninth in 2023. They’re optimistic, but the car’s proving to be a handful, especially with the rear end getting a bit too lively in both fast and slow sections. Not exactly what you’d call a dream drive.

Then there’s Haas. Ayao Komatsu had already braced us for a less-than-stellar start to the season, and well, he wasn’t wrong. The car’s stable but feels like it’s dragging its feet, making it painfully slow. Winter test lap times aren’t everything, but Haas was definitely lagging behind the pack.

And here’s how things are shaping up for the 2024 Bahrain GP:
1. Red Bull Racing
2. Ferrari
3. Mercedes
4. McLaren
5. Aston Martin
6. Visa Cash App RB
7. Alpine
8. Williams
9. Stake
10. Haas

There you have it. The stage is set, the players are warming up, and the drama of F1 continues. Can’t wait to see how it all unfolds!

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