Balancing Work & Family Life: Horner’s Approach

Despite the demanding schedule of Formula 1, Red Bull Racing team boss Christian Horner strives to balance his work and family life, noting the importance of spending quality time with his young children.


‣ In Formula 1, having children is less common compared to other sports, with only three current drivers having children.
‣ Red Bull Racing team boss Christian Horner strives to balance his work and family life, despite the demanding schedule of Formula 1.
‣ Horner emphasizes the importance of spending quality time with his family when he is at home, and tries to incorporate normal activities like taking his children to school into his routine.
‣ The increasing number of races in the Formula 1 calendar poses additional challenges for maintaining a work-life balance.

Kids. They’re a part of life for many. You see ’em with athletes in all sorts of sports. But Formula 1? Not so much. Red Bull Racing’s boss, Christian Horner, is one of the few juggling work and family life.

In the current F1 field, only three drivers have kids. Sergio Perez has a brood of four, Niko Hulkenberg has one, and Kevin Magnussen has two. James Vowles, Williams team principal, just welcomed his first at 44. Compared to footballers, F1 drivers have fewer kids on average.

Horner: Balancing Act Extraordinaire

Maintaining a work-life balance in F1? Tough gig. Christian Horner, team principal, has two little ones. Despite the hectic schedule, he’s doing his best to give ’em the attention they need.

Traveling a lot means leaving home and family. It’s hard. 2023 was a rough year. 2024? Looks even tougher with more races on the calendar. But the most precious time? It’s when you’re home with the family. Phone off, family on. “I’ve got a young family and that time is very precious. I try to make the school-run a bit of a thing, if I can get back on a Sunday evening. If I can take the children to school on a Monday morning, it’s a bit of normality”, he spilled to Sky Sports.

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