Bearman Reflects on His First F1 Qualifying with Ferrari

Oliver Bearman made an unexpected Formula 1 debut for Ferrari due to Carlos Sainz‘s appendicitis, qualifying in P11 after a last-minute notice and aiming to gain experience and possibly score points in his first race at the Saudi Arabian Grand Prix.


‣ Oliver Bearman had a chaotic Friday stepping in for Carlos Sainz at Ferrari due to Sainz’s appendicitis, making his debut in Formula 1.

‣ Despite the sudden change, Bearman had previously secured pole position in Formula 2 on Thursday, showcasing his skill and adaptability.

‣ Bearman qualified in P11 for the Saudi Arabian Grand Prix, narrowly missing Q3, and acknowledged a mistake on his first push lap but remained optimistic about his performance.

‣ For his official racing debut in Formula 1, Bearman aims to bring the car back safely, possibly score some points, and importantly, gain experience and build up his mileage in the sport.

Oliver Bearman’s Friday was anything but ordinary. Just hours before the third free practice, he got the call. Carlos Sainz was out with appendicitis, and suddenly, Bearman was in. He shared the whirlwind of his day with F1TV, still reeling from the news.

Just the day before, Bearman had secured pole position in Formula 2 with his Prema. But by Friday afternoon, he found himself behind the wheel of a Ferrari. “Woke up focusing on my F2 race, starting P10,” he mused. “Was just trying to figure out how to make the most of it.”

Then, the unexpected happened. “Suddenly, I’m gearing up for the F1 car,” Bearman recounted. He couldn’t hide his excitement, despite the circumstances. “Huge shoutout to Carlos for a speedy recovery. But, yeah, this is a massive chance for me. Ready to give it my all.” He admitted the qualifying round could have gone better, but he wasn’t too hard on himself.

Bearman’s debut landed him in P11. Missing Q3 by a whisker, especially with only an hour of practice, was bittersweet. “Botched my first push lap,” he admitted, with a hint of frustration. “Had to make it count on the second, but the tyres were past their prime. My bad, totally.”

Bearman’s Take on the Saudi Arabian Grand Prix

Saturday’s race marks Bearman’s official entry into Formula 1. Post-qualifying, he set realistic goals. “Just aiming to bring the car home,” he said. Scoring some points would be the icing on the cake, but he’s focusing on gaining experience. “It’s my first race, after all. And this track’s a beast.”

Bearman’s journey from Formula 2 to Ferrari in less than 24 hours is a tale of unexpected turns and rapid adjustments. Despite the pressure, his eyes are on the road ahead, ready for the challenges of the Saudi Arabian Grand Prix.

Albert Ramirez
Albert Ramirez
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