Bearman Self-Critical After Watching Race Replay Multiple Times

Despite breaking several records and having a strong Formula 1 debut, Oliver Bearman remains self-critical, watching the Saudi Arabia Grand Prix multiple times to identify areas for improvement.


‣ Oliver Bearman, despite breaking several records and having a strong Formula 1 debut, remains self-critical and focused on improvement, watching his race performance multiple times to identify areas for enhancement.

‣ Bearman made history as the youngest British Formula 1 debutant and the youngest Ferrari Formula 1 debutant during the start of the Saudi Arabia Grand Prix.

‣ Despite the physical and mental exhaustion post-race, Bearman prioritized analyzing his performance by watching the race back immediately, demonstrating his dedication to self-improvement and learning from his experiences.

‣ Initially critical of his performance, Bearman eventually acknowledged satisfaction with his achievements under the circumstances, highlighting his ability to self-reflect and appreciate his efforts and results.

Breaking records left and right, you’d think Oliver Bearman would be over the moon after his Formula 1 debut. Nope, not quite. Right after the Grand Prix, he was already replaying the race. Wanted to see where he could do better. And guess what? He’s watched that race five times already. Talk about dedication, or maybe just a hint of obsession?

Oliver Bearman, stepping into the Ferrari spotlight, shattered a few records at the Saudi Arabia Grand Prix. Youngest Brit to debut in F1. And the youngest ever for Ferrari. Pretty impressive, huh?

### Bearman is self-critical after Saudi Arabia Grand Prix
Jeddah’s Grand Prix was a night race. That means the drivers were racing under the stars, only heading off the track late into the night. While most would crash, Bearman had other plans. He told The Times, “The race finished about 10pm, you have about 1½ hours of media and then you’re into a debrief with the team.” By the time he hit the hotel, it was 1am. Sleep? Not quite. “By the time I got to sleep it was half two, because I had to watch the race.” With a flight at 11am, he squeezed in just five hours of sleep. Not ideal for recovery, but he had to watch the race. Five times, no less.

The first time Bearman watched the replay, he was all eyes for mistakes. “The first time I was like, ‘Ah, I missed a bit of lap time there, I should have overtaken there.” But as he kept watching, his perspective shifted. Eventually, he found satisfaction in his performance. “But now I’m really happy with what I achieved. I don’t think I could have asked much more of myself, considering the circumstances.”

So, there you have it. Oliver Bearman, not just breaking records but also meticulously reviewing his races. Even after a stellar debut, he’s looking for ways to improve. That’s the spirit of a true champion, wouldn’t you say?

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