Bearman’s Unforgettable Moment from His Formula 1 Debut

Oliver Bearman reflects on his unexpected Formula 1 debut at the Saudi Arabian Grand Prix, replacing Carlos Sainz due to appendicitis, and cherishes the moment he received the call to race, amidst receiving compliments and international recognition for his performance.


‣ Oliver Bearman, an 18-year-old Brit, made an unexpected Formula 1 debut, replacing Carlos Sainz in the Saudi Arabia Grand Prix due to Sainz’s appendicitis.

‣ Bearman received compliments from Red Bull driver Max Verstappen and gained international recognition for his performance in the SF-24 during his debut.

‣ A special moment for Bearman was the unexpected call from Fred before the third free practice session (FP3), informing him he would be racing in an F1 car that weekend.

‣ Despite rumors of Ferrari wanting Bearman to join Haas in Formula 1 this season, Haas was not ready to take him on due to car issues. However, Bearman is still considered a strong candidate for a Haas F1 team seat in 2025.

Oliver Bearman’s first Formula 1 Grand Prix was nothing short of a whirlwind. At just 18, the unexpected call came. He was gearing up for a Formula 2 race, but fate had other plans. Suddenly, he was stepping in for Carlos Sainz in Saudi Arabia. Sainz was out with appendicitis.

Bearman’s debut was a talk of the town. From Max Verstappen’s praises to global acclaim, his ride in the SF-24 was unforgettable. But what moment will Bearman cherish forever? The young driver from Prema, fresh off his Formula 1 debut, spills the beans.

### The special moment for Bearman
“Was it Friday? Gosh, it’s all a blur,” Bearman chuckled. He recalled the call from Fred, just before the third free practice. “That call… it was surreal. Realizing I’d be in an F1 car that weekend? Unbelievable,” he shared with Viaplay post-race.

Rumors swirled around Bearman and Ferrari. Word on the street was Ferrari eyed him for Haas this season. But, Haas had their hands full with car troubles. They weren’t keen on adding a rookie to the mix. Despite this, Bearman remains a top contender for Haas in 2025.

Life’s unpredictable, ain’t it? One moment you’re setting sights on Formula 2, the next, you’re speeding in Formula 1. Bearman’s journey is a testament to that. Fasten your seatbelts; this Brit’s ride is just beginning.

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