Berger Lauds Ferrari: Hamilton Set to Spark Revolution

Gerhard Berger believes that Ferrari’s recruitment of Lewis Hamilton, likening it to Michael Schumacher‘s move, is the best decision ever, expecting it to revolutionize the team by bringing new skills, engineers, and a motivational boost.


‣ Gerhard Berger believes Ferrari’s recruitment of Lewis Hamilton is “the best decision ever,” comparing it to Michael Schumacher’s move to Ferrari.

‣ Berger anticipates Hamilton will bring a new dynamic to Ferrari, different from the current setup with Charles Leclerc and Carlos Sainz, including new skills, engineers, and decision-making approaches.

‣ The arrival of Hamilton at Ferrari is expected to revolutionize the team, bringing a new level of motivation and potentially attracting a broader fanbase due to Hamilton’s significant following.

Oh boy, Gerhard Berger just dropped a bombshell. He reckons Ferrari snagging Lewis Hamilton is “the best decision ever.” Kinda reminds you of when Schumacher left Benetton for the reds, doesn’t it?

### Berger: ‘Signing Hamilton the best decision ever’
“Finally!” That’s pretty much what Berger said when he heard about Hamilton joining Ferrari. Chatting with Corriere della Sera, he couldn’t hide his excitement. “It’s a game-changer,” he said. Hamilton’s not just another driver. He’s bringing something fresh to the mix, shaking things up from the usual Leclerc and Sainz routine.

Berger’s convinced. With Hamilton on board, we’re talking new talents, new brains in the engineering department, and a whole new decision-making vibe at Maranello. It’s like when Schumacher came on board – a total revamp. Everyone’s pumped, motivated in a way they haven’t been in ages.

### ‘Hamilton is going to revolutionise Ferrari’
At 64, Berger’s seen a lot. But Hamilton joining Ferrari? That’s a whole new level of excitement. “He’s a legend,” Berger says. Not just for his track record, but for the massive fan base he brings along. Even folks who couldn’t care less about F1 are tuning in. Hamilton’s not just a driver; he’s a movement.

And there you have it. Berger’s throwing his weight behind Hamilton’s move to Ferrari, predicting a seismic shift not just within the team, but in the sport itself. Guess we’ll just have to wait and see, huh?

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Albert Ramirez
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